Time to fattin' up for winter. Your quick rundown on Diamondack's fat tire bikes.

September 22, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

Despite this heatwave we're experiencing in many parts of the Midwest today, we all know winter is near. Instead of letting the winter blues put a halt to your biking season, you may want to be considering getting a fatbike instead. Not sure which one to go with? Here's a quick rundown on the fat bikes currently offered by Diamondback through Aventuron --including an option for those younger riders! Not only great for winter, fat bikes work great throughout every season and any terrain you choose to shred.  And not to brag... but we've got the best pricing you can find on any of these bikes right now. 

El Oso

Diamondback El Oso Fat Tire Bike

A bike that is as much fun to ride as it looks, the El Oso is Diamondback's mothership fat bike. Thanks to the high volume/low pressure tires that this monster has, it excells in both snow or sand. Like I mentioned earlier, fatties aren't just for snow drifts and snow, either! Take this for a spin on any trail and your smile will be almostas big as the tires. If you can keep yourself from looking down as you pedal away, you'll notice it doesn't feel too much different from a normal bike, either.

Now, I'm sure you're assuming this bike weighs as much as it looks.. but looks can be deceiving! The Diamondback El Oso is a strong and lightweight hydroformed frame and comes equipped with a 100mm Bluto solo air suspension for and Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.5" tires mounted to 95mm rims with 55mm cutouts. Thanks to a Shimano Deore/SLX drivetrain and a Raceface Ride crankset, shifting is as smooth as it should be. The complete bike weighs in right around 34 pounds. 

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Photo shared by Aventuron customer, Big Dawg. 

El Oso Grande

El Oso Grande MTBR Aventuron Diamondback Bikes

Some like the best of the best and the biggest of the biggest. Well, if you're looking for a fatty with the biggest wheels in the group of Diamondbacks, look no further than the El Oso Grande! Although this bike has the same frame as the El Oso, a few pounds needed to be shaved off to make up for the gigantic 26 x 4.9" tires, so this beast comes with a rigid fork instead. But what about suspension, you may be wondering? Ah ha.. the large tires with PSI in the low teens provide all the cushion you're looking for. 

With the same hydroformed aluminum tubes as the El Oso, the frame and form allow an amazingly nimble ride. A SRAM X5 2X10 drivetrain provides a gear for any trail, and disc brakes provide excellent modulation and stopping power for when you get this fatty rollin. 

No matter what trail you're riding, whether it's snow covered or you simply enjoy excess traction on your everyday trails, this fatty is prepared. 

Weight: Just over 34 pounds. 

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Photo from MTBR.com

El Oso De Acero

Diamondback El Oso De Acero MTBR Aventuron

Well that's a mouthful. Acero means steel in Spanish. So I'd like to introduce... The Diamondback El Oso de Acero, a steel fat bike with steel lines that provide a certain elegance when compared to other fat bikes. Due to it's strength, ride quality and aesthetic, steel has been a long time favorite of bicycle makers. These tubes are butted and heat-treated, giving the de Acero a level of compliance on top of what the roomy tires provide. 

Designed with the goal to get you and your gear in the backwoods as smoothly as possible, El Oso de Acero is equipped fully of solid Shimano parts. A 3x9 drivetrain, rack mounts, and a sprit of adventure... this is a dependable workhorse for anyone seeking something new out of a bike. 

With more traction than any bike should be allowed to have, this is a rock crawler, a dune buggy, and a snowmobile all in one. In white or camouflage, your new partner is crime is more than ready to help you get lost. 

Weight: Right under 38 pounds. 

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Photo from MTBR.com

El Oso Nino 20

Seth's Bike Hacks Kid Riders Diamondback

Although sometimes it may be nice to leave the kids behind, biking is a great sport enjoyable for the entire family. The El Oso Nino 20 is Diamondback's kid's fat bike for those who want to monster truck over anything and everything in their path. The frame and fork are made from hi-tensile steel making it a bike to stand up to the abuses from trail riding in the woods or pounding pavement through the neighborhood. 

This kid-friendly fat bike has got a seven-speed Shimano grip shifter to charge up hills, and powerful disc brakes for controlled stoping. The centerpiece on this fatty, however, is without a doubt the 4" wide tires sitting atop 20" wheels. This makes for one crazy ride, weighing in around 35.8 pounds. 

Low tire pressure allows this bike to grab every bit of traction in your path. This is the perfect bike for those kiddos looking to do more than build a snowman this winter. 

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Photo from: Seth's Bike Hacks 

Still not sure which one is for you? Contact us and we'll lead you to the perfect fat bike to enjoy in the winter wonderland.