Everything You Want to Know About the Nemo Equipment Shower System

August 16, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Last weekend we headed north to Duluth, MN for the KA Bike Fest and were able to test out our new Nemo Equipment shower system. We've told you guys before how much we loved the Nemo Helio Shower, and now we've got the whole sha-bang! 

Now, don't get me wrong. This getup may be a wee bit over the top for a weekend of camping, but trust me when I say it's definitely worth looking into. I mean, who wouldn't want a private shower system while out camping? It is extremely fast & easy to set up (like all of Nemo's gear!) and you can get it all for just under $300! Keep reading for an added discount code!

Whether you're trying to convince that special someone in your life to hit the northwoods with you for a long weekend, headed to deer camp for a week, or just going off-grid for awhile, the Nemo Equipment Shower System is a must have! 

Here's the rundown: 

1.  Nemo Equipment Heliopolis ~ $149.95

Nemo Equipment Heliopolis Shower Tent

The Heliopolis is a game changer for those in need of a good portable privacy tent with thoughtful features that pair perfectly with the Helio series showers. It sets up quick, and packs up relatively small. It has one large window which you can choose to have open or closed for added privacy. 

Nemo Equitment Heliopolis Shower Tent Aventuron

There are hooks to hold the hose and nozzle of the Helio showers and a durable HDPE floor with drainage around the perimeter.

Helio Luxury Shower Demo Equipment

Nemo Equipment Helio Shower

Built-in features include a dry bag, a mesh storage bag for soap and shampoo, and an overhead towel/storage pocket. 

Nemo Equipment Heliopolis Shower Tent

Inside is also equipped with a toilet paper dispenser (goodbye campsite toilets!)  Not sure what to use for your bathroom throne? Grab yourself a 5 gallon bucket, one of these bad boys, a few of these... and your set! (For under $30!)  

Nemo Equitment Heliopolis Shower Tent Aventuron

And PS: there's a special way to lock the zippered door from the inside for extra privacy. 

2.  Nemo Equipment Helio LX Pressure Shower ~ $129.95

Nemo Equipment Helio LX  

The Helio LX camp shower is the new larger version of the beloved Helio, with a couple stellar new upgrades. Unlike conventional gravity-fed systems, the Helio systems rest on the ground and are pressurized by their integrated foot pump, delivering excellent water pressure for showering, cleaning dishes, or rinsing off gear.

Nemo Equipment Helio Shower Pump

The new LX model includes a threaded fill cap with an opening big enough to reach inside for cleaning.

Nemo Equipment Heliopolis

Nemo also designed a clever silicone sleeve that holds the nozzle in the open position inside the Heliopolis shower tent just like your shower at home.

Nemo Equipment Helio Shower LX

The LX model has a 22L/5.8 gallon capacity with a 7’/2.1m hose, providing 7-10 minutes of water pressure. 

Orginal Helio available here for $99.95

3.  Nemo Equipment Helio Clover Shower Mat ~$19.95

Nemo Equitment Helio Clover Shower Mat

Helio Clover Mat is the perfect shower mat for cleaning up after your favorite activity. The smooth silicone surface protects your feet from hot asphalt, sandy cold pavement, muddy campgrounds and everything in between. Not just for the Helio! Take it with you to any public shower. Helio mat cleans easily and is dishwasher safe. It folds into fourths, stowing small and fitting perfectly into the Helio storage bag.

Ready to step your camping up a notch? Dare I say to... glamping? Get the whole system here and use discount code NEMOGLAMPING at checkout for an extra 15% off when you order 2 or more of the items.