January 13, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

It’s safe to say that there could be as many flat pedal options as there are bikes available. Even more so now as manufacturers try to suit every customer’s needs, big and small. If you aren’t aware of iSSi pedals by now, they are widely known for producing very attractive and functional pedals at a competitive price. The Stomp XL’s are of no exception.

Throwing their hat into the flat pedal ring, iSSi made a big splash with the ever-trending large footprint pedal just over a year ago. While the “XL” in the name suggests a very large pedal, it isn’t quite the largest on the market and that just might be a good thing. In recent years, other manufacturers have released massive pedals that most might find to be simply too big and more prone to pedal strikes.

The Stomp’s seem to lay right in the middle-ground as far as pedal’s size on offer throughout the market. At a pin-to-pin width of 94.5mm and a length of 102mm, the concave platform offers a sufficient amount of area to grip your desired shoes. Speaking of grip, the Stomp XL’s do utilize more customization in the form of reversible pins where you can fine-tune your desired pin length (4.5mm or 5.5mm). Clipless-like, the grip has met and exceeded my expectations from their interface with my stealth rubber soles with no shinners yet (knock on wood).

Not only are these pedals offering a large footprint, but they do share some extra dimension in their 18mm thickness, slightly chunky by today’s standards. iSSi's flat pedals aren’t necessarily for weight weenies, but these pedals do tip the scales just below half a kilogram at 470g in case you’re curious. While solid in construction, these pedals shouldn’t be seen as disposable lumps of aluminum. iSSi provides serviceability with a replaceable chromoly spindle and twin bearing/single bushing system just in case your ride turns sour.

Taking in the dimension and weight of these pedals in person, there’s a feeling of confidence in their build quality which translates to their performance. In my few months experience on/off trails these pedals have shrugged off everything from multiple impacts with trail-side rocks and even interactions with concrete from clumsy parking lot shenanigans. After months of abuse, these pedals still have all their pins with smooth-spinning spindles with only subtle chips in the platform’s anodizing to show for it.

Purchase or learn more on the iSSi Stomp pedals <here> for $115. 

Words and photos by Mike Cartier