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Orange Bikes 101: What's the perfect Orange Bike for you?

July 13, 2017 7 min read 0 Comments

Although Orange may be a new name to some around here, across the pond they've been making a name for themselves now for thirty years. We've had a handful of questions since bringing Orange back into the America's market in 2016, our two most asked questions seem to be: 

1) Are they all downhill bikes?
2) That bike isn't Orange, why is it called an Orange bike? 

To address question Number 1-- no, the Orange you are looking at is most likely not a bike specific to downhill. While Orange is known to produce one of the lightest downhill bombers, it's currently the only downhill specific bike in the 2017 line, the 324.  We don't even have one in our demo fleet! We've had quite a bit of sales though, most notably the PNW, east coast, and Texas.  Most all bikes we take with us to demos and shows fall under either the Suspension Trail Bikes or the All-Mountain/Enduro categories with a few hardtails in the mix. 

Question Number 2--Why are they called Orange Bikes? Of course not every Orange Bike is going to be orange (especially when there is currently 10 custom color options). But, it's really quite simple, actually. O, standing for complete/all-round and -range, meaning... range. The name 'Orange' is derived from all-round range. Truth is, there's an Orange for just about everyone!

Still not convinced you can find a bike for yourself in the Orange line up? Because I believe there's an Orange that will "a-peel" to just about anyone. ;)  Let me break them down for you. 

Suspension Trail Bikes:

Stage 5 (29er)

Orange Bikes Stage 5
Big wheels and a super-efficient pivot position help transfer more of your energy straight into the trail – great for carrying speed and tackling epics.

Meanwhile, the Stage’s frameset geometry is slack enough for the steeps and long enough for superb stability, not to mention the chance to reap the handling rewards of running a short stem. A sweet spot of 140/135 travel helps flatten even the roughest rock gardens too – perfect for pace, comfort and efficiency. 

With 148mm Boost rear spacing, internal dropper routing and a 5-year warranty on its handmade frame, the Stage 5 is bang up to date and reassuringly future-proof. Make no mistake: in any of its guises this is one seriously versatile bike with an audaciously bold intention.

Pricing Starting at: 
$5,725 (full bike)
$2,450 (frame only) 
Orange Bikes Stage Five

Five (27.5)

Orange Bikes Orange Five
The hardworking Five has been a stalwart of the Orange range for a long time. It’s tough, reliable and capable. The harder you push it the happier it seems to be. 

Geometry is optimised for a 150mm travel fork, while the rear sits at the 140mm trail bike sweet spot.

Pricing Starting at: 
$3,875 (full bike)
$2,300 (frame only) 

Segment (29er)

Orange Bikes Orange Segment
As ever this 120/110mm travel 29er can ride way beyond its travel figure, a little more ramp-up in the frame's shock curve balances its inherent big-wheel unflappability with a taut and playful ride that encourages you to let it roll faster, both up and down. With its confidence inspiring low-slung stance and the kind of angles more often found on longer travel bikes, the Segment enjoys a fiercely loyal rapidly growing cult following. It is the short travel 29er that can, and does.

Pricing Starting at: 
$ 3,875 (full bike)
$2,300 (frame only) 
Orange Bikes Segment

Four (27.5)

Orange Bikes Orange Four 2017

How much travel? 120mm feels right. With a shorter chain stay and a small 44x184mm shock Orange was able to pull the pivot point rearwards to make the swing arm more compact. 

Pricing Starting at: 
$3,875 (full bike)
$2,300 (frame only) 

Hardtail Trail Bikes: 

Clockwork 100 (29er)

With geometry designed around a 100mm travel fork and a mission to extract the most smiles out of your trail-time the Clockwork is the product of what we do best, making bikes that make you want to ride.

The frame is light on weight but heavy on features. Custom butted and shaped tubes, a chainstay mounted disc brake mount combined with internal brake, gear and dropper post routing make for a sleek profile. 

The Clockwork is a sharp-looking, smooth-rolling hardtail that begs to be ridden hard but is more than happy cruising if that takes your fancy. The frame is ready for any future upgrades you might have in store for it

Pricing Starting at: 
$1,825 (full bike)
$550 (frame only) 


Clockwork 120 (27.5)

With its 27.5inch wheels, 120mm of travel and singletrack honed geometry, the Clockwork 120 is the choice for those looking for a potent blend of quick handling and rapid acceleration. For 2017 the front triangle gains a little reach and a shorter stem brings the bar to the sweet spot of perfect trail control.

With the riders weight nudged a degree forward the Clockwork 120 brings even more confident handling than ever before into the mix. It's a bike that alive when fired down twisty trails but is just as happy when you want to take it easy and enjoy the view.

Pricing Starting at: 
$1,475  (full bike)
$550 (frame only) 

Clockwork Evo (27.5)

Orange Bikes Clockwork Evo

The new Clockwork Evo bridges the gap between the Clockwork 120 and the Crush, firmly hitting a sweet spot for serious minded riders. While we would never say a Clockwork 120 was sedate, the Crush is an aggressive head-banger.  The Clockwork Evo is the hardtail to bridge that gap – fast and furious.

10mm longer in the toptube and a degree slacker in the headangle than the Clockwork 120, the Clockwork Evo gives the cockpit reach and attitude of a fast serious trail bike. The new Evo geometry is also designed around a 130mm travel fork

Pricing Starting at: 
$3,750  (full bike)
$675 (frame only) 

Zest (26)

Orange Bikes Orange Zest

Built to the same exacting specifications as our iconic aluminium Clockwork frames, this is the all new, 26 inch wheeled, Zest. Designed for people who need a smaller fit, but still want the performance of a ‘proper’ mountain bike, the Zest offers the same ride characteristics we all love about Orange, sharp performance and confident handling.

The geometry on the Zest is bang up-to-date too, longer top-tube and shorter stem, with a long wheel base for stability.

The Zest might be your first foray into the world of mountain biking, or you might be an experienced old hand looking for the right fit. Wherever you are within that range, the Zest is a sound choice of Orange. 
Pricing Starting at: 
$1,425 (full bike)

Hardcore Hardtails: 

Crush (27.5)  

"The perfect trail hardtail." I'll just leave this one here.
Pricing Starting at: 
$2,100 (full bike)
$675 (frame only) 

P7 (27.5)

Orange Bikes Orange P7
The new P7 has rebel written all over it; long top tube geometry, a slacker head-angle even that the rowdy Crush, this bike means business. The whip and the spring of the CroMo chassis cannot be replicated, and once you 'get' steel, it's hard to go back to a frame with a less spirited ride. The P7 urges you to go faster, pedal harder and fly higher. 

With frame features like the bolt through rear axle for rigidity, optional hose and cable bosses where you want then, chunky tyre clearances, and internal dropper seatpost routing the P7 is ready to rock and roll.

Back by popular demand in limited numbers, you may have to join the queue - Steel Yourself. 
Pricing Starting at: 
$2,000 (full bike)
$750 (frame only) 
Orange Bikes P7


Stage 6 (29er)

Orange Bikes Orange Stage6
Long, slack, and with a trail-busting 160/150 travel, the Stage 6 goes wherever you want but aims straight for the podium. Lateral stiffness and low standover help its ability to hit extreme terrain fast. Meanwhile, refined single-pivot suspension delivers great pedaling efficiency, not to mention super-smooth and trouble-free riding for more of the season. Internal routing, a 5-year frame warranty and 10 stunning colour options all help seal the deal.

It’s simple: just when you’d got your head around the natural habitat of 29ers, the Stage 6 explodes it. One word of warning – this is a lot of bike that rewards skill and confidence, and that’s why guides and racers love it. If you’re ready for the ride of your life, step up now. 

Pricing Starting at: 
$6050 (full bike)
$2,550 (frame only) 

Alpine 6 (27.5)

Orange Bikes Orange Alpine6 2017
The Alpine 6 is designed around 170mm front/160mm rear travel. 

The compact rear end Orange debuted on the Four model made its way to the Alpine 6, shortening the chainstay significantly from previous models. The repositioned pivot also means that the whole rear triangle is more compact and more active. With the shock now effectively lowered in the chassis, the ramp-up effect is improved. With even less flex in the rear, it's more active over small bumps and inspires confidence over the really rough stuff.

With neat finishing touches like internal cable routing, every element of the frame’s construction has been analysed and optimized, to the point that, size for size, the Alpine 6 frame is significantly lighter than its predecessor. the Alpine 160. 
Pricing Starting at: 
$4,000 (full bike)
$2,450 (frame only) 
Orange Bikes Alpine6


324 (27.5)

Orange Bikes Orange 324
With a long line of World cup winning heritage behind it, the 324  is a downhill weapon of choice. The 324 uses the split-rear triangle swingarm concept reducing weight and increases rigidity. It’s hard work keeping things simple, but Orange believes with the 324 they've built a downhill bike that will perform at the highest level, again and again and again with the minimum amount of maintenance and the maximum amount of time on the track. 

Pricing Starting at: 
$5,450 (full bike)
$3,150 (frame only) 
Orange Bikes 324


Speework (29er)

Orange Speedwork
A week is a long time to go without a dash of Orange, so they've created the Speedwork; a super-fast everyday rigid MTB-come-sub-commuter that's far beyond a hybrid. The Speedwork defies being labelled; a breathtaking blend of mountain bike comfort and road bike speed is what this bike is all about, with a healthy dose of fun thrown in.

Built around the legendary Clockwork frame, the Speedwork offers all the comfort and control of a mountain bike, but it has rigid forks, 29” wheels and fast-rolling 2.0 tyres for flat-out speed on man-made terrain. Reliable componentry means minimal servicing even when you’re clocking up commuter miles.  

A bike this good isn’t just a weekday workhorse though. For urban exploring, canal-side cruising or just relishing the thrill of riding fast, the Speedwork totally nails it. Of all the Oranges in your quiver, this could be the one you ride most.

Pricing Starting at: 
$1,850 (full bike)
Orange Bikes Speedwork

RX9 (700c) 

Orange Bikes RX9
Whether you’re razzing around or round-the-world bikepacking, the RX9 is right at home on the tarmac, towpath or tropical dirt roads.  Thing is, it’s also built for the rough stuff and loves to prove it: a plucky little hero whose off-road talents are bigger than you think.  A bike for adventures.  An Orange through and through. 

Pricing Starting at: 
$1,850  (full bike)
Orange Bikes RX9
And there ya have it, folks. The full lineup of the 2017 Orange Bike offerings.  What's the perfect Orange Bike for you? 

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