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Orange Bikes introduces two new bikes, offers new colors and transforms Alpine 160 into the new Alpine 6

Aventuron, a distributor in the bicycle and outdoor industries, is pleased to announce the 2017 product range for Orange Bikes. Two new bikes will make their debut along with some new colors and the transformation of the Alpine 160 into the new Alpine 6.

“Coming off a great 2016 for Orange Bikes in the North American market we are so excited to offer the 2017 line. Our growing dealer network makes it easier for consumers to purchase our existing models along with our new models like the Zest and Clockwork Evo. Consumer and dealers will also enjoy a price reduction for 2017 and new build options for our full suspension bikes,” remarked Carl H. Martens, President and Owner of Aventuron.

The full line of Orange Bikes including the popular 324, Clockwork 100, Clockwork 120 and Four will be available for purchase through a dealer network comprised of independently owned and operated bicycle retail shops (IBDs) and via the Aventuron website which will operate in tandem with dealers that make commitment to the brand.

"Carl and Aventuron are going from strength to strength. We've been really impressed with the development of Orange so far in North America and we're ramping up production to fulfil the demand we're seeing from them. The amazing 2017 Orange range will help continue the growth of Orange in this market,” said Jay Tolan, General Manager of Orange Bikes.

2017 Model Highlights:

The Alpine 6 replaces the much loved Alpine 160. This new frame is the Alpine 160 re-engineered and Orange has revamped every aspect of the bike's performance.

The Alpine 6 is designed around 170mm front/160mm rear travel. They have slackened the head angle half a degree to keep the same alpine handling feel people love, yet makes the most of the fork’s extra 10mm.

The compact rear end that was debuted on the Four model in 2016 makes its way to the Alpine 6, shortening the chainstay significantly by 9mm. The repositioned pivot also means that the whole rear triangle is more compact and more active. With the shock now effectively lowered in the chassis, the ramp-up effect is improved, and feedback from test riders has been nothing but positive. With even less flex in the rear, it's more active over small bumps and inspires confidence over the really rough stuff.

Even with the shortening of the rear triangle, other small changes in the frame construction meant that Orange was able to retain a long and stable wheelbase along with the long top-tube/short stem riders enjoy.

With well thought finishing touches like internal cable routing, every element of the frame’s construction has been analyzed and optimized, to the point that, size for size, the Alpine 6 frame is significantly lighter than its predecessor.

Highlights of the Alpine 6

  • Replaces the Alpine 160
  • 170mm front/160mm rear travel
  • Compact rear end like one debuted on the Four in 2016
  • Rear more active and ramp-up improved
  • Hand built in Britain
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Unique monocoque aluminum and tubing chassis
  • Single pivot suspension for the utmost performance, efficiency and reliability
  • 27.5" tubeless ready wheelset
  • MSRP $4,000 – $7,400

The hardworking Five has been a stalwart of the Orange range for a long time. It’s tough, reliable and capable. The harder you push it, the happier it seems to be.

The Five was last updated a year and a half ago, so Orange felt it was time to see what they could do for the new Five. They liked the way the Four rode, and how it’s suspension action had a really active feel to it, so Orange set about seeing how they could bring this same element to the Five’s set-up. To add the new compact rear suspension layout to the Five would be ideal, but where would we fit the shock? In theory lower in the frame, in practice, not so easy. But if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing, and the guys in the Orange frame department came up with the perfect solution. Like the solving of a complex engineering puzzle they worked out a way to lower the shock by adding a new pressing in the fabrication of the downtube, leading the way to the compact rear on the Five and improving the shock’s ramp-up at the same time.

Orange added extra strength-forming features to all the major frame assemblies, improving resistance to lateral flex and twisting forces. Boost sizing at the rear hub and an extra 6mm in the pivot spacing helps here too, enabling them to add more tire clearance.

The Orange CNC department found weight savings in the billet machined parts to build up the lightest Five they’ve ever produced.


Geometry is optimized for a 150mm travel fork, while the rear sits at the 140mm trail bike sweet spot.

Highlights of the Five:

  • More compact rear, improvement of shock’s ramp-up at same time
  • Extra strength forming features, improving resistance to lateral flex and twisting forces.
  • Boost sizing at rear, extra 6mm in the pivot spacing for more tire clearance
  • Frame hand built in Britain - Lightest Five ever produced
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Aggressive trail geometry, longer toptube and wheelbase for high-speed stability
  • Internal Dropper Routing
  • Suspension: 150mm front & 140mm rear
  • MSRP $3,875 – $7,275

Designed to be the fastest all-rounder Orange could make, the Segment takes preconceptions about what is possible on a short travel bike and pulls them apart. This is the 2nd generation Segment frame Orange has made. It has been revisited, reshaped, and re-honed. All new CNCed frame parts, and thinner aluminum sheet shed the overall frame weight by around 400g. They have added 6mm to the width of the pivot along with 148mm Boost rear hub spacing to provide even more lateral stiffness than the 1st generation model.

With the extra swing-arm breathing room, for generous tire clearance.

This 120/110mm travel 29er can ride way beyond its travel figure, a little more ramp-up in the frame's shock curve balances its inherent big-wheel unflappability with a taut and playful ride that encourages the rider to let it roll faster, both up and down. With its confidence inspiring low-slung stance and the kind of angles more often found on longer travel bikes, the Segment enjoys a fiercely loyal rapidly growing cult following. It is the short travel 29er that can, and does.

Highlights of the Segment:

  • 2nd generation Segment frame
  • 400g frame weight
  • 6mm width of pivot added paired with 148mm boost rear hub spacing
  • New lightweight frame hand built in Britain
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Fast rolling 29 Inch Wheels
  • Generous tire clearance
  • 12x148mm Boost rear hub spacing for lateral stiffness and precise handling
  • Suspension geometry for 120mm front/110mm rear
  • MSRP $3,874 - $7,125

The new Clockwork Evo bridges the gap between the Clockwork 120 and the Crush, firmly hitting a sweet spot for serious minded riders. 10mm longer in the top tube and a degree slacker in the head angle than the Clockwork 120, the Clockwork Evo gives the cockpit reach and attitude of a fast serious trail bike. The new Evo geometry is also designed around a 130mm travel fork.

The frame features slick external routing that tucks the cables neatly under the top tube, while an internal route for the standard dropper post ensures looping hoses are out of the picture. A 12x142mm bolt-thru rear axle bolsters up the back end, keeping everything steady through the rough stuff.

Trail centered hardtail, or out and out explorer, it’s up to you. But however you choose the ride the Clockwork Evo it will be a more than worthy trail buddy.

Highlights of the Clockwork Evo:

  • Designed in Britain
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Custom butted 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 27.5" wheels
  • 130mm travel fork
  • Designed for covering miles with ease
  • Generous mud clearance
  • MSRP $2,450 - $3,750

The steadfast Orange Crush frame gets a geometry update for 2017. Orange has taken the frame riders love and pushed the features forward to up the fun factor without upsetting the function. Orange has slackened the head angle to 65° and optimized the numbers for a 150mm travel fork, meaning riders can push the Crush that little bit harder again.

Everything that made the last version great has come along for the ride. The rear triangle features a bolt-through axle for stability and strength. the Crush's long toptube design that adds an extra few millimeters means, size for size, a 50mm stem puts the rider right where they need to be (with tuning to taste as required, of course) for direct input and weight distribution.

While its short chainstays make climbing a tad sweeter, tire clearance means a chunky 2.4 tire fits nicely. While those are the headline new features, deeper into the detail Orange has added some really nice touches too. The seat clamp slot has been moved so that it faces away from the direct path of wheel spray. The headtube is a more compact 44mm version, and cable routing is kept neat and tidy with minimized cable bosses tucked sweetly under the toptube.

But some things don't change and that's the Crush's indefatigable attitude. Built tough to be ridden hard, the Crush will hold its own just about anywhere, but really excels on the rough stuff. With geometry to suit a 150mm travel fork, this hardtail gives no quarter to seemingly tougher full-suspension bikes, in the right hands the Crush will slay everything that lies before it.

Highlights of the Crush:

  • Designed in Britain
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Custom butted 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Updated geometry • 27.5" wheels
  • 150mm Fork
  • Generous mud clearance
  • MSRP $2,100 – $3,725

Built to the same exacting specifications as Orange’s iconic aluminum Clockwork frames, this is the all new, 26 inch wheeled, Zest. Designed for people who need a smaller fit, but still want the performance of a ‘proper’ mountain bike, the Zest offers the same ride characteristics we all love about Orange, sharp performance and confident handling.

The geometry on the Zest is up-to-date too, longer top-tube and shorter stem, with a long wheel base for stability.

The Zest frame features internal routing for a dropper seatpost, and neat external cable routing like the Clockwork Evo. Ripe for upgrades, but ready to rock straight from the box.

The Zest might be a rider’s first foray into the world of mountain biking, or might be an experienced old hand looking for the right fit. Wherever they are within that range, the Zest is a sound choice from Orange.

Highlights of the Zest:

  • Designed in Britain
  • 5-year frame warranty
  • Custom butted 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 26 inch wheels
  • 100mm travel fork
  • Internal dropper routing & cable routing
  • Designed for covering miles with ease
  • Confidence inspiring with sharp handling
  • Generous mud clearance
  • MSRP $1,425

About Aventuron:
Aventuron is a distribution and sales agency with focus on emerging brands entering the North American market. Based in St. Charles, IL, Aventuron helps brands reach North American consumers and dealers by providing brands with sales, marketing and event support. Aventuron currently represents Atomik Carbon, Bliss Protection, FATlab Cycles & Components, Proviz Apparel, Sandman Bikes, Stooge Cycles, Surface 604 and Wickens & Soderstrom.

About Orange Mountain Bikes Limited:
Orange Mountain Bikes Limited was founded in 1988 with the collaboration of Lester Noble and Steve Wade. Motivated by riding bikes, Orange Bikes filled many gaps in the UK bike market. World Cup podiums and Championship wins brought international renown with grassroots programs supporting the domestic scene. Today, Orange bikes continue to develop and innovate using their riders as a development platform.

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire Orange Bikes produce a full range of bikes from urban commuter cycles through to high end competition downhill mountain bikes. Quality and reliability are always at the forefront of each concept. Orange continues to be at the heart of the UK grassroots scene.

In October 2015 ownership of the company was taken over by Ashley Ball who is managing director of P.Bairstow Limited, Precision Sheet Metal Work specialists in Elland, West Yorkshire. He now also steps into the role of managing director of Orange Mountain Bikes Limited.