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For the longest time I’ve enjoyed cooking for myself and my family. Eating out can be nice, but not quite as rewarding as putting the time and effort into preparing a meal from scratch. Although I’ve never had fancy cookware or niche tools for making extravagant dishes, that is no excuse. This was until I felt I was ready to invest more time and energy into eating better and exploring new recipes I can make within the confines of my own home.

I recently received a high quality cast iron skillet from Smithey Ironwareand my brain (and stomach) has exploded at the mere thought of all the delicious meals I can prepare. 

At 8 pounds, 12 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches deep, the Smithey No.12skillet is big enough to whip up quite the fried dinner or the most savory roast you can dream of. Claiming to be one of, if not the best skillet on the market, the No.12 possesses a smooth satin-like finish, free of chemical coatings and is naturally seasoned to help you win your family’s taste buds over. Smithey products are hand and machine made in the USA, ensuring that both attention to detail and robot precision are included in the product’s manufacturing process.

A quick-start guide will help introduce you to your new prized possession.

If you’re new to using a quality cast-iron skillet like I am, you might fear the requirements to maintain such an excellent piece of cookware. Don’t worry though, as this tool is quite resilient and Smithey takes the time to provide an in-depth instruction on how to keep your skillet working hard from generation to generation.


After giving the new skillet a good rinse, I was ready to build my first meal. I went with a French Onion Chicken recipe from Food coma incoming!

First up, the onions got to sizzle in a buttery bath. Once I added some base to the uniformly goldened tearjerkers, I removed them from the skillet with the help of the pour spouts and the ergonomically crafted handle. 

Time to prepare the stars of the show. Two large chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper. Simple.

Golden brown!

Fast forward to having some lovely chicken cooked up. I combined the sauce and other required materials to make a dish that knocked me out for the remainder of the evening. Mission accomplished.

One dish deep and I’m entirely hooked on using this golden treasure for more meals. While I regret not using more cheese and more color due my lack of preparation, I was still blown away by the result. 

I’m eager to see what kind of damage I can do in the kitchen with this Smithey skillet. All I know is that life won’t be the same. Get the full recipe for this french onion chicken here.

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