Today Is The Day That the Helmet Game Changed

Carl Martens |

“Helmets are a thing of the past, this is head and brain protection!”

The new DBX 6.0 and 5.0 helmets have seen some serious upgrades this year, both aesthetically and in the fit and feel areas too.

At first glance the mouth guard and visor redesign are the most obvious but the real gem comes from the redesigned head form as well as all new comfort liner. 

What you get with a Leatt 5.0 or 6.0 helmet:

-360 Turbine technology (protects against both rotational forces as well as concussion forces)

-In molded dual density V-Foam (directs energy away from the head and spreads it through the helmet)

-Carbon or Composite models

-Fidlock magnetic buckle system

-Hydration ready (hose routes through the chin bar and we offer a hands free kit because taking your hands off the bars in the rough stuff can be sketchy)

-Helmet eject system ready

-Break away visor (for added rotational force protection)

-Massive vent ports

-Removable washable anti odor anti-microbial comfort liner (because nobody wants to be the smelly kid)

-The confidence of knowing you have the safest most advanced helmet on the market. (confidence that is truly inspiring)

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