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Name one thing engineers are good at besides inventing new standards that drive bike mechanics crazy…inventing tools you didn’t know you needed.

Wolf Tooth Components Pliers

The people at Wolf Tooth did just that to provide a handy “multi-tool” that is unlike the common multi-tool in most rider’s packs. Rather than attempting to improve an already great array of compact hex keys littering the market, the Maserlink Pack Pliers aims to work in conjunction with those popular emergency tools. Other pack tools are excellent for situations like bolts suddenly coming loose or even making geometry adjustments on the fly while out on the trails; hell, they can actually aid in building a complete bike out of the box!


The pliers provided by Wolf Tooth seems to focus more on common trail emergencies like replacing Master Links, tire and tube changes or even removing/tightening your finicky presta valve cores and stems. This set of pliers comes in an ultra-compact and slim form with it only just stretching to 116mm at a depth of 9mm; perfect for substituting for your current set of tire levers in your bag.


The excellent thing about pliers is the simplicity and robustness of them in general; Wolf Tooth constructed theirs out of 7075-T6 aluminum helping minimize the weight to a hardly noticeable 38g. Light, sleek and packing features such as the obvious Master Link pliers, tire lever (advised NOT to work with carbon rims), two pairs of Master Link storage (9-12s chains; SRAM Eagle PowerLock Link fits PERFECTLY) and the not so obvious presta valve core tool and locknut wrench.

Design was not spared with making this tool as minimal, but as functional as possible. A subtle magnet in the handles keep the pliers’ handles together for storage all while aiding in retaining the Master Links.


This handy tool comes in at a respectable $30 price point with a wide variety of color accent options (5 pivot bolt colors – black pliers) or an all-red anodized option. Complete your mobile tool kit while staying light and agile!

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Photos and words by Mike Cartier

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