Bauer Fly Reels

Known by serious angler and guides as “the Swiss Watch of fly reels,” Bauer Fly Reels combines precision manufacturing, leading technology, and a background in the mechanics of race cars that inspires its reel design. Bauer revolutionized the fly reel world back in 1995 with their award winning design that used precision manufactured parts to create superior performance. They coined this design as the “Zero Backlash” drag clutch, a simple yet life changing design that put Bauer years ahead of the competition. John Bauer has a different perspective on how a fly reel should work thanks to his background in race cars and precision technology, and this knowledge has lead to providing you with some of the best fly reels on the market.

The unique clutch design in Bauer Fly Reels engages seamlessly, which allows the line to strip off the reel with a silky smooth feel that stays consistent and reliable throughout all conditions. By minimizing the variance of moment arm effect, the result was a reel with vastly improved line handling and retrieval as well as superior drag performance. You’ll be able to tell the difference without a doubt. This innovative clutch mechanism is carefully and thoughtfully designed from non corrosive materials that help make it more durable and long lasting than the roller clutch bearing system used in other fly reels. Bauer understands that what matters most in a fly reel is reliability, and you just can’t put a price on that.

Bauer Fly Reels has a mission to create each reel to be smooth, seamless, and consistent every time and in all weather conditions. They understand that the slightest hitch in your reel will make the difference between catching the fish of a lifetime or losing it. That’s why each Bauer Fly Reel is designed with the best quality materials in mind, with innovative technology, and hand assembled and hand tested by anglers in Montana.

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