Qeridoo Hammock with safety frame Light Grey

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A clever solution for transporting your baby. Trailers are a very safe and practical way to take your children with you and explore the world with them. Until now, this experience was only possible to a limited extent for children who could not sit independently. We have therefore expanded our product portfolio to include a transport solution that enables babies to be transported safely and comfortably in pushchairs.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to be the parents of two little people? Then our newly developed hammock with a safety frame is just right for you and your little ones. It combines the safest baby transport with a high level of comfort. The innovative design allows two children to comfortably sit next to each other without getting in each other's way. It couldn't be more practical.

The hammock offers a particularly back-friendly posture thanks to its ergonomic structure and adjustable reclining angle. The breathable backrest and the soft padding ensure that your baby is extremely comfortable to transport.

With the stable safety frame and the 5-point safety belt with a smart lock function, we offer a new level of safety when transporting babies. The additional headrest and the almost floating position of the hammock offer the infant comprehensive protection from all sides. This ensures a gentle but above all safe transport option for your offspring.

 Product features

  • Secure Transport System for infants who can not sit still
  • The upholstered aluminum security framework
  • deck area: 69 cm / width: 21 cm
  • Complete protection
  • Ergonomic and back-friendly structure
  • Breathable cover
  • Adjustable reclining position
  • In the one- and two-seater usable
  • height-adjustable headrest with lateral support
  • Allows an infant to be transported next to a toddler
  • The pushchair can be folded with the built-in hammock
  • 5-point security item with Smart-Lock function
  • Easy to install and remove