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Firenock AeroRest for RAVIN

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AeroRest for Ravin Crossbow is here! Similar to other AeroRest, AeroRest for Ravin utilizes our patented tangent system which means there is no more than 0.0000008" square inch surface constantly in contact with the shaft. In other words, there is only 0.000,000,4" square inch surface per finger at max! As total contact surface area between AeroRest and shaft is tiny, friction is infinite little. To guide the arrow perfectly as well as to reduce friction even more, all white ABEC#5 ZrO2 ceramic ball are spring loaded. We at Firenock believe that there is no better design than ours for longevity and consistency.You will be excited while shooting your arrows with AeroRest.

AeroRest for Ravin incorporates at least two Firenock US Patents and Patent Pending.

AeroRest for Ravin is available in 3 configurations for your selection:

  1. Standard - with a water level just above the frame
  2. Plain - with no water level but with two mounting holes available for optional parts
  3. Elevated water level - specially built for close range sighting

Note: All Ravin crossbows, with the exception of the R10 (20”), require a minimum of a 21” projectile and we suggest using 22” projectile.


  • 1 G-frame with 3 supports in Standard / Plain (no water level) / Raised water level Version (Code name: ARRAV1 / ARRAV0 / ARRAV2)
  • 2 fasteners
  • 9 Titanium spacers (0.45 mm)
  • 9 Titanium spacers (0.11 mm)


  • Spine your arrow correctly before shooting with AeroRest
  • Bow tune your bow correctly before shooting with AeroRest
  • Bow and arrow shown in some photos are not included