Scorpion Venom Crossbow Care Kit

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Combines performance enhancing formulas for your crossbows needs.
Contains Target Arrow Release Fluid for easy arrow removal. The Polymeric Bowstring Fluid coats / lubricates bringing the string colors back to life. Crossbow Rail Lube provides a microfilm on the rail for reduced friction and no tack.

All Products are Waterproofing and Odor Free

Package Contents:

1x Crossbow Rail Lube

  • Chemically composed to provide extreme slip without tac, Scorpion Venom crossbow rail lube boasts a uniquely crafted formula that reduces friction, dampens noise, and extends rail life. No need to wax the serving making contact with the rail that would otherwise cause wax build up, friction, and serving separation. Apply to the barrel of the crossbow; one or two passes is all you need using the mess-free applicator.

1x Target Arrow Release Fluid

  • A slick blend of polymerics that allows your arrow to slip free of even the densest targets, making arrow-retrieval easier than ever. Apply Scorpion Target Arrow Release Fluid to the arrow tip—the product will migrate up to the full penetration of the shaft. Will not affect arrow flight path. Apply to tip only.

1x Polymeric Bowstring Fluid

  • Scorpion Venom Polymeric Bow String Fluid is an advanced polymeric formula that penetrates the string to the core, conditioning and protecting individual fibers and leaving a flexible protective coating. In addition, this incredible formula revitalizes the colors of your bowstrings for a like-new look! The easy-to-use applicator gets the job done with no waste.