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Fly types can basically be broken down into two groups, Wet Flies and Dry Flies. While wet flies are designed to look like insects that live in the water, dry flies are meant to represent insects that land on top of the water. Using a dry fly is an exciting way to fly fish because each fish must emerge out of the water and eat the fly, giving the angler a first hand, up close view of the fish so you can really see what you’re up against. This type of fly also allows you to know exactly when the fish takes your fly, keeping the guesswork out of the process.

Dry flies come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. The most common types of dry flies are those that are created to “match the hatch,” meaning this fly is designed to closely resemble the types of insects that are found on the surface of the water, including caddis, mayflies, and stoneflies. There are also flies that look like grasshoppers and ants, more insects that can be found floating on the surface of the water. Attractors are also classified as a dry fly, though these don’t look like insects. Instead, they are adorned with flashy colors and rubber legs dangling from them. Just as their name suggests, attractors are meant to attract fish from afar.

Dry flies represent the purest form of fly fishing. Here at Aventuron, you will find a wide variety of dry flies of all shapes and sizes made for anglers, by anglers. Although fishing with dry flies can be tricky and tends to require more skill, it is also one of the most entertaining ways to catch a fish. Just witnessing that fish coming up to the surface is something you will always remember!