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Einarsson 7plus Fly Reel

All serious anglers know that there is absolutely no substitute for a good fly reel. There may be rumors going around that these are hard to come by, but we know that’s seriously far from the truth. By ordering the Einarsson 7 plus Fly Reel from Aventuron, you’ll be able to equip yourself with the very best that the fly reel market has to offer. Good fly reels aren’t hard to come by after all, they’re right here! With a rod weight of 6-8 and a total reel weight of 198g, this is a seriously lightweight fly reel that performs like a heavyweight.

Each Einarsson 7 plus Fly Reel is carefully crafted from aircraft grade 6061 T651 Aluminum type II anodizing 20mu. It’s okay if you don’t know what that means, but just know - this this is strong. This thing is durability. If you put the Einarsson 7plus Fly Reel to the test, we’re telling you, it will perform. Each Plus reel is made in Iceland in 5 different sizes, and the 7 plus is the the third largest in the series. The combination of materials used in the drag system ensure a silky smooth drag that remains at a constant force at all settings.

The 7 plus reel from Einarsson is ideal for single handed and switch rod Atlantic and Pacific Salmon fishing, Trout and light salt water fishing like Bonefish or coastal Sea Trout. Each Einarsson 7 plus Fly Reel is available in four standard colors: Black, Bronze, Clear and Red. These options make it possible for you to customize the perfect rod and reel combination that is unique to you. The Einarsson 7 plus Fly Reel is the perfect marriage between light weight and durable that is the perfect solution for your next light salt water or hardcore fresh water adventure, whether you’re looking to grab a Salmon, Trout, or Bonefish.

Rod Weights 6-8
Weight 198g / 6,98oz
Frame size 100 x 32mm x 54mm
Capacity 135m WF7F 20lbs micron
Material Aircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ

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