Flies - Emergers

Emergers are considered one of the most underrated and underutilized aspects of fly fishing, but now is the time for you take full advantage of these great flies. These transitional flies aren’t as clear cut in purpose as streamers, nymphs, or dry flies - they aren’t meant for just on top of the water or under the surface. Emergers create a natural smorgasbord for any opportunistic feeders under the surface, representing emerging nymphs shedding their shuck, making them totally defenseless in addition to readily available.

Emergers are different from other types of flies in that they are not meant to mimic a stage of an aquatic bug’s life cycle. Instead, it is meant to behave like these bugs. Emergers do just what their name implies, they “emerge” from the water into the surface world. During this time, these bugs break through the water’s surface into adulthood. Fly fishing emergers during a hatch will absolutely increase the number of trout you’ll put into the net, and these flies will also increase your chances of snagging a larger trout.

If you’ve been looking for emergers, we have a variety of quality options to choose from here at Aventuron. If you have any questions about these Emergers or how to use them, feel free to contact our team at any time. Usually, emergers are fished just below the surface of the water on an unweighted line. Some anglers use an indicator to detect any drag, because the fly isn’t usually super visible. You can also use a dry fly as an indicator, and this will add the advantage of being able to entice some strikes, too. There is no one correct way to fish with emergers. But one thing is true, no matter how you fish them, Emergers should be a staple in your fly fishing arsenal.

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