Floyd's of Leadville

Floyd’s of Leadville is the result of one man’s long journey from chronic pain and depression to health and wellness. Floyd Landis was a professional cyclist, a Tour De France winner who suffered from high-speed injuries and daily discomfort that resulted in a total hip replacement at age 31. Floyd was prescribed opioids for the subsequent pain, and these powerful drugs have well-documented negative side effects. But for Floyd, like many others, these drugs were his only options to manage his pain. 

After a struggle with depression, Floyd discovered CBD. He shortly left prescription medication behind and relied solely on CBD to combat his chronic pain and depression and finally take back control of his life, and Floyd continues to believe in it, so much so that he began his own premium product line to help people “get over the pain and back in the game.” Whether you are an athlete or not, chronic pain can be addressed with CBD, and the results might surprise you. After all, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression can happen to anybody - not just professional athletes. Doctors can be quick to prescribe opioids or other addictive medications, but these aren’t a great fit for everybody for many reasons.

Aventuron is proud to offer a variety of products from the Floyd’s of Leadville line, including creams, balms, gems, protein & drink mixes, tablets, softgels, and more! Floyd personally sought out a vast array of herbs, supplements, cure-alls, and home remedies to help him alleviate his pain, but nothing worked as quickly and as effectively as these high quality CBD products. Studies are currently examining how CBD can improve recovery rate and enhance the body’s ability to perform effectively. From athletes to average joes, Floyd’s of Leadville has helped folks from all walks of life manage their pain and leave prescription medications in the dust. 

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