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There’s no doubt that fly fishing requires a ton of equipment. This is especially true if you are somebody who likes to tie their own flies. Even if you don’t, when you’re a beginner, looking at everything you need for a day on the water can get very overwhelming very quickly. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our most trusted and favorite accessories, weights, indicators, and floatants. Choose from a variety of awesome goodies from well known fly fishing brands like Loon Outdoors, Scientific Anglers, and Orvis to find the perfect additions to your fly fishing equipment collection.

For those experienced fly tyers out there, you know how frustrating a long dry time is. That’s why we recommend Loon Easy Dry. This treatment is used to revive flies and contains both drying beads and blue indicator crystals. With just a few shakes, your fly will be totally dry and ready for floatant! The blue indicator beads will turn pink when the beads are saturated so you know when it’s time to restock. We also recommend adding Loon Dust to your fly kit, because it keeps flies riding high while also adding sparkle as an attractor. Loon Dust also helps to give nymphs a realistic air bubble effect! Each bottle of Loon Dust comes complete with an easy to use brush applicator.

Do you find your leader tangles constantly? Keep your leader tangle free with Air Lock Strike Indicator. This indicator is incredibly buoyant, durable, visible, and very easy to adjust. We love the Air Lock because it won’t slip, kink, or leave your leader in a mess. The Air Lock features an easy on and off operation which is super user friendly. You’ll love it so much, the Air Lock will become your go-to strike indicator!

Check out this collection of accessories, weights, indicators, and floatants to find the perfect goodies to add to your collection.

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