Redington Crosswater Combo Fly Rod

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The Redington Crosswater is a medium-fast action graphite fly rod that is easily maneuvered, perfect for the novice fly angler. To accommodate portability, 4-piece models are available, and single rods or complete kits are accessible for convenient fly fishing commencement.

The Redington Crosswater fly rod features a moderate-fast action, anodized machined aluminum reel seat and alignment dots for easy rod set-up. The combo includes the rod, pre-spooled reel and cordura rod tube, and carries a limited 1-year warranty. Adoptable to all water conditions, the CROSSWATER combo fly rod provides comfort and reliability.


  • The 476 Redington Crosswater is ideal for executing dry fly presentations with exact precision and unhurried, crisp retrieval between casts. It is nimble, accelerating rapidly and instilling trust while making presentations on warier spring creek fish.
  • Featuring reliable protection of light tippets and an optimal in-hand balance, the 490 Redington Crosswater is an ideal fly rod for the pursuit of spooky trout in clear water environments.
  • The 586 Redington Crosswater is an oft-overlooked gem of the lineup. It is characterized by swift loading and the capacity to perform with precision and finesse with most dry flies and tiny nymphs or streamers. This 8'6" rod model is highly responsive and lightweight.
  • The 590 Redington Crosswater is a dependable option for trout angling, featuring a medium-fast action that enables precision casting of dry flies and the capability to impart strength to nymphs, buggers, and indicators in heavier conditions. An optimal choice for versatility.
  • The 690 Redington Crosswater is suitable for throwing large, full-bodied dry flies, providing reliability in moderate winds, and performing well in a variety of CROSSWATER angling conditions. Its performance and efficiency are sure to both impress and fulfill.
  • The 890 Redington Crosswater is an ideal choice for any of an array of large or fast fish species, from bonefish to Alaskan salmon, smallmouth bass to redfish, as well as stripers, snook, and baby tarpon. It is also suitable for general use with a sinking line.