Cheeky Fly Reels

We are excited to offer a wide variety of Cheeky Fly Reels products so that every individual can find the perfect reel match for them. Cheeky Fishing has nearly a decade of reel design experience, so they have learned through years of trial and error to find the best designs. The result is that you get the very best product at an affordable price. Each Cheeky Fly Reel features an incredibly smooth and strong drag system along with a revolutionary strength to weight ratio, a massive arbor design, and totally unmatch backing capacity. What more could you want in a fly reel?

The Limitless design series by Cheeky has set a new standard for performance and durability. These tough reels feature the innovative Gasket Drag System, also known as GDS, which is a Cheeky exclusive. These reels are crafted from high grade aerospace aluminum, and they incorporate a multi axis machining technique that redistributes metal to key stress points. This technique makes the Limitless Reels stronger without adding any unnecessary weight. These are some of the lightest and strongest fly reels available. If you’re looking for a comparable reel that is also affordable, the Boost reel may be right for you. This reel features a lightweight design with the partially sealed Rev Carbon Drag System that provides great stopping power, friction control, heat dissipation, and an incredibly smooth startup.

The Tyro Reels combine both unparalleled performance and incredible value by pairing the advantages of die casting with the precision and finish qualities of CNC machining. Along with the Rev Carbon Drag System, this reel is sure to last a lifetime without breaking the bank. Also available is the PreLoad reel, an ideal choice for the angler that needs a performance fly fishing reel at an affordable price. This one is lightweight, durable, and known around the fishing community for its strong and smooth drag system. There’s truly a Cheeky Fly Reel for everybody!

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