Einarsson Fly Reels

When it comes to environmentally sustainable innovation, Einarsson Fly Reels are the pioneers of the industry. By purchasing high quality equipment and minimizing use of consumable supplies, Einarsson Fly Reels has successfully cut down on energy and material waste substantially. This company was built with strong environmental credentials in order to build a better future for fly fishing. As part of this, Einarsson Fly Reels supports the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) through the One Percent for the Planet program. This fishery conservation program helps by implementing catch and release fishing programs that have proven extremely successful in many areas when done properly. This program can increase fish population, even in the world’s most heavily fished waters. By actively sharing information and communicating about the values of sustainable fishing and living, Einarsson Fly Reels has made strides in ensuring that the future of fishing is positive for the upcoming generations.

By purchasing Einarsson Fly Reels, you aren’t just making a difference in the ever changing environmental battle, you are also receiving high quality reels that are built to perform and engineered to last. The core idea behind the founding of Einarsson Fly Reels in 2007 was to design and manufacture top quality fly reels, and that’s what they are continuing to do today. The company was born out of a passion for outstanding engineering, dedication to fly fishing, and the inspiring to help with overfishing problems by fishing sustainably.

Einarsson Fly Reels manufacture two types of reels, the Plus series and the Invictus series. These reels are each a little different, in order to provide each individual with the perfect reel for them personally. Each Einarsson Fly Reels is continuously being worked on to improve performance, functionality, and quality. These reels give the fisherman a little something extra while lasting a lifetime, or even two.  

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