Fly Tying Accessories

Everybody who has ever participated in fly fishing knows that catching your first fish on the fly will make you appreciate the sport in a whole new way. But the first time you catch a fish on a fly that you tied yourself brings that appreciation to a whole new level. Fly tying may not be easy, but it is a truly rewarding experience that will bring your fly fishing experience up a notch and make you feel a new appreciation for every moment on the water. When you shop with Aventuron, you have access to all of the tools and materials you need to get started on this life changing journey.

Tying flies isn’t just about catching more fish, rather, it allows each angler to create their own custom patterns that nobody else is using. The only limits in your fly tying journey are your imagination and creativity, and the options are truly endless. You can get in touch with your artistic side and express your creativity with your flies, and you can also feel the benefits when you snag your first fish on a home made fly.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to get your tying done, consider the Hareline Mega Tying Pad. With a dimpled surface to keep your hooks and beads from flying away, this pad is perfect for setting up a comfortable and functional workspace. There is also an additional smooth nonstick surface on the reverse side of the pad that is super easy to clean. And once you are all finished with your creations, collect your trimmings and waste in the Hareline Deluxe Garbage.

Getting starting in fly tying may seem daunting, but once you get started you’ll realize how simple and fun it truly is. Get ready to bring your fly fishing experience to the next level with these fly tying materials!

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