Cements, Epoxies & Glues

Our collection of cements, epoxies, glues, and more from Loon Outdoors will become your best friends when it comes to fly tying. The art of tying flies requires a variety of glues and adhesives to help make your flies stronger, last longer, and they also help make tying your flies easier. From simple cement to UV curing products, the finish on a fly can make it irresistible to fish as well as durable enough to use for many rounds of fishing.

Help protect and perfect each one of your self-tied flies with some epoxies, cements, and glues in this collection. These premium products will keep all of your flies intact after leaving the vise, so you can bring your flies to the water quickly and effortlessly. For example, if you’re looking for the ideal way to keep your flies together, consider the Loon Water Based Head Cement System. This thin, odorless, non toxic water based head cement comes with an application system to guarantee precise application every time. You won’t have to ever breathe in toxic fumes with this strong, durable cement.

If you’re looking to quit mixing epoxies, take a look at our Loon Hard Head. This stuff is hardcore, but it is still odorless, non toxic, and perfect for building glossy heads and bodies. This thick head cement dries hard and glossy. Or, you can have it all with the Loon UV Fly Tying Kit. This kit has everything a tier needs to move from traditional cements to UV Cure, including a UV Clear Fly Finish Thin, and the brand new Ultra Thin, along with a UV Bench Light.

Explore this collection of fly tying cements, epoxies, and glues to add realism, durability, and irresistibility to your go-to fly patterns. Whether you’re just getting started in fly tying or if you’re a seasoned angler looking to replace some materials or tools, we have exactly what you’re looking for here at Aventuron!

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