Hardy Fly Reels

The legend of Hardy Fly Reels began in 1872, when young William Hardy began setting up shop as a gunsmith in Alnwick, Northumberland. That’s when the great engineering magnate Lord Armstrong encouraged William to take his brother John Jamesinto partnership. This duo of Hardy brothers divided their work according to their talents and began developing their very first reel, the Perfect. After three years of patience, testing, and “perfecting”,the Perfect was born. To this day, this reel continues to be known as their most famous reel. It was an instant success and since it was first built in 1891, Hardy has continued production up until the present day. This is a feat no other tackle manufacturer can come close to challenging.

Here at Aventuron, we are proud to offer a variety of Hardy fly reels including the Ultralite ASR, the Duchess, and the Fortuna - an “in” joke, given that the reel was designed for tuna. The Fortuna XDS contains all of the legendary strength saltwater reliability of the original Fortuna, now in a sleek, lightweight design. The Fortuna XDS also has a class-leading drag pressure of up to 30 pounds, more than enough to get the job done. At a lower price point you’ll find the Ultralite ASR (Assisted Spool Release). This cassette system reel is lightweight, and it has been designed specifically to meet all of the challenges that come with modern river fishing. The Ultralite ASR features a user-friendly, fast, and reliable spool release system that anybody can master.

We are proud and excited to distribute these long-loved products from Hardy Fly Reels. The family business that creates these stunning reels continues to value its traditions and its founders’ endless quest for improvement. Today, Hardy remains at the cutting edge of fishing tackle development, consistently producing high quality reels that competitors have found hard to match. 

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