Hardy Fly Rods

One of the longest operating companies in the fishing world, Hardy has been long known for their innovation in the fly fishing market. Since its founding in 1872, Hardy has been creating some of the greatest fishing rods in the world. While the company is most famously known for their reels, Hardy has also become a leading manufacturer of fly rods as well. The designers at Hardy combined their knowledge that they gained from Hardy Advanced Composites along with a revolunatary new 3M resin, and SINTRIX was born. These rods effortlessly combine a revolutionary fast action and unbeatable accuracy.

If you’re looking for the perfect rod for small streams and creeks, you have to check out the Hardy Sirrus Glass Fly Rod. This super smooth, deep loading rod brings all of the famous, groundbreaking features of SINTRIX technology to a classic rod range. With immense impact resistance and the ability to self load at the closest distances, the Sirrus is guaranteed to impress. Each Sirrus Glass Fly Rod comes with the high grade fittings and finish that are unique to Hardy, along with the classic styling that made Hardy famous. With a super smooth, deep loading action and a SINTRIX Resin impregnated S glass construction, the Sirrus has everything you want in a rod, plus a little extra. Choose from a line weight of 2, 3, 4, or 5 to get the most out of your rod. 

When you invest in a Hardy fly rod, you’re not just buying a part of history - you’re buying of the world’s best performing fly rods. Design, technology, and sheer fishing brain power have made Hardy rods such unique and acclaimed pieces of equipment. Shop Hardy Rods at Aventuron and enjoy free shipping and the customer service experience you’ve come to expect. Explore these Hardy fly rods and see what made history! 

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