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Here at Aventuron, we understand the importance of a good leader. That’s why we feature industry leading fly fishing leaders that support a wide variety of environments and conditions. We pride ourselves in offering products that allow each angler to get the ultimate in strength and turnover from these top quality fly fishing leaders. These leaders are elastic and supple while remaining tough and durable, making them ideal for all kinds of challenging conditions and situations whether it’s in deep water or shallow water, or saltwater or freshwater.

If you’re looking for the ultimate “four wheel drive” leader, the Umpqua Bass Taper Leader is your best bet. With superior abrasion resistance and a large diameter butt, this leader is sure to turn over those massive bass fly creations with lily pad accuracy. These leaders exhibit amazing knot strength when used with Umpqua Tough Nylon Tippet.

If you’re after a nearly invisible leader, check out the Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Leaders in 9ft Length. This leader is constructed from UV proof materials that have a high abrasion resistance that are great for shy fish and/or low water conditions. They are also excellent for dry fly fishing, as well! These leaders have been carefully designed to resist UV rays, so even the most prolonged exposure to the sun will have no effect on the strength of your leader.

The Umpqua Pike/Muskie Leader with Tyger Wire Tip is the ultimate choice for pike and muskie. This industry leader provides the strongest coated wire while allowing easy tying of any knot. With amazing abrasion resistance and overall strength, this leader will become your go-to when you’re after pike and muskie.

No matter where you’re going, we have the leader that will take you to where you need to go. Here at Aventuron, we have leaders that will accommodate any body of water you choose, created by brands that know fly fishing inside and out.