Orvis Fly Reels

Choose from our wide variety of Orvis Fly Reels and you’ll be all set for your next adventure. Orvis Fly Reels are designed with simplicity in mind to provide you with high quality, long lasting reels that are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whether you are looking to buy your very first fly reel ever or you’re just adding a new one to your collection, we have the Orvis Fly Reel for you.

Each Fly Reel in the Orvis collection is engineered to the highest standards in quality and performance. The Mirage feel offers a completely sealed and maintenance free drag surface along with accurate and repeatable drag setting and insane stopping power. These reels are built with anodized aluminum which is extremely strong while remaining incredibly lightweight. No matter what you’re fishing, these reels will deliver the performance that you expect, and at a very affordable price.

The Hydros reels have the strongest drag system in their class. Combine this with their ability to be fine tuned and you’ll find yourself challenging some serious fish. Using a stacked washer and positive click drag system, the Hydros reels can sustain durable drag pressure when battling big game fish.

Access fly reels are all about versatility, and that’s why they offer all the benefits of a large arbor reel without the unnecessarily huge size. These reels have a faster retrieve rate and a stainless steel drag surface, taking the mid arbor concept to a new level. The access reel is a perfect reel for just about everybody.

If you’re into the classics, the CFO and Battenkill reels are a timeless and reliable original with the enhanced click and pawl drag system that makes it a perfect match for most freshwater fly fishing. The lightweight design allows these reels to pair perfectly with lighter fly rods, an ideal choice when you’re looking to be sneaky.

With top performance at a reasonable price, Orvis Fly Reels offer the style, strength, and durability that you need. That’s why we recommend Orvis Fly Reels to everybody, regardless of experience level.


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