Fly Fishing Packs & Bags

There’s no doubt that there’s a ton of equipment involved in fly fishing. If you want to have a great day on the water, you need to bring everything you may need so you don’t have to leave your spot. This can involve spare flies, lines, leaders, tippet, and even a reel or two. Of course, this doesn’t include the necessities like water, snacks, a first aid kit, your cellphone, and so much more. So how do you carry all of these things with you on the water? The best option is a pack or vest specifically made for fly fishing that has everything you need when it matters most. Choose from a wide variety of specially made packs and vests by Simms and Orvis, brands that create equipment for people who take fly fishing seriously.

Packs are a great way of keeping everything you need closeby while fishing. One of the great packs that we offer here at Aventuron is the Simms Freestone Fishing Backpack. This pack features a panel loading design with dedicated pockets and a fishing specific cargo layout for full days on the water. Each pack has four way access to the main compartment, so you can get to what you need quickly and effortlessly. There’s also a magnetic tool docking station, fly box storage pockets, and a hydration pocket, so you can tell that this pack was designed by anglers for anglers.

If you prefer vests over packs, we have just what you need! We offer many options for fishing vests, but one of our favorites is the Simms G3 Guide Fishing Vest. This vest has everything you need to keep you out on the water all day long. The G3 Guide Fishing Vest features 24 pockets to fit all of your tackle and personal items. That’s right, 24 pockets! Get out on the water with everything you need with these packs and vests by Aventuron.  

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