Redington Fly Reels

Since 1992, anglers worldwide have recognized Redington Fly Reels for their exceptional value, quality, and versatility. When it comes to affordable fly reels, there’s no better selection than that offered by Redington. The smaller branch of Sage, another fly fishing rod & reel company, Redington’s mission is to provide great products at the lowest price point possible. Through conscious construction and intelligent design, this company focuses on mid- and entry-level price points to keep fly fishing accessible to everybody. When you buy a reel from Redington, you aren’t buying a bunch of expensive and unnecessary bells and whistles. When you buy a Redington reel, you can expect quality, performance, and value.

Here at Aventuron, we offer a wide variety of reels by Redington. If you’re looking for a saltwater reel with a great reputation, you’ll love the Grande. This reel features a new Super-Torque carbon drag system that provides immense fish stopping power, perfect for big saltwater targets. For a lower price point, try the Behemoth - the Grande’s die-cast cousin. This is another great option for a saltwater reel that will absolutely get the job done.

For freshwater anglers, we recommend the Rise (which comes in a saltwater version, as well). This lightweight, large arbor reel is ideal for small streams and flats thanks to its fast line pickup, smooth feel, and powerful drag system. If you’re looking for some awesome entry-level reels that come at a great price, we love the Zero, Crosswater, and i.D. With all of these options, you are sure to find the perfect reel whether you’re a brand new fisherman or an experienced angler. Not many companies can say that they have products that work for everybody, but due to their variety of reels at all price points, we can say that every angler will love a Redington Reel. 

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