Redington Fly Rods

In 1992, Redington Fly Rods, the very first fly rod company in history to offer a lifetime warranty on value priced fly rods, was formed. Since its founding, Redington Fly Rods has been providing high quality, high performing fly rods at unbeatable prices to anglers of all ages and experience levels.Located in the Pacific Northwest, the folks at Redington have access to some of the best fishing resources in the world, helping them to deliver products that make fly fishing even more fun. If you’re on the hunt for a great fly rod at a great price, there’s no beating a Redington Fly Rod. Each rod is crafted with quality and care, not to mention they come with an unbeatable warranty!

If you’re looking for an effortless distance casting fast action rod, look no further than the CRUX. This premium quality rod offers all need Line Speed Taper technology for short to mid range fly deliveries and absolutely effortless casting. Redington also added a stiffer tip to reduce tip vibrations along with fine diameter blanks to increase rod recovery speed and reduce resistance. All of this combined with the Angled Key Grip, you have yourself a durable rod that will reduce hand fatigue and lead to an even better fly fishing experience overall. 

From small spring creeks to the deepest blue waters, you are sure to find a Redington fly rod that suits your favorite fishing location as well as your budget. Redington’s belief is that good quality doesn’t have to mean over-priced, and they stand by this by offering great rods at affordable prices. Here at Aventuron, we are proud to offer a variety of Redington models so you can find your perfect match. The first time you cast a Redington Fly Rod, we know you’ll be hooked. 

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