TFO Fly Rods

At Temple Fork Outfitters, they have the angler in mind at all times. Nobody understands the fish like they do. This dedication has always resulted in durable and creative designs for both single and two-hand models. Every rod is made to exact standards in TFO’s own factories. Not only that, but no other kinds of rods are made there. Their factories ONLY produce for Temple Fork Outfitters. Talk about dedication to the brand! Keeping such a close eye on the rods and always measuring to improve gives them the confidence to say these are the best rods on the planet.

But with great power also comes great responsibility. TFO only sells quality products and knowledge. Too many brands these days are just trying to find the next corner to cut or the next jar of snake oil to sell. The way we see it, it’s better to actually innovate and expand the realm of knowledge. That’s the real service.

TFO stands by their motto of bringing power to the anglers. The focus is on performance without breaking the bank. Even though these rods are designed to last a lifetime, that kind of quality needs to make its way to the hands of the most anglers possible. These rods come together thanks to the most crafty and accomplished engineers of the bunch. Once you’ve noticed the fantastic design, high-power performance, and efficient construction, you’ll never want to use anyone else. How loyal they are to their customers really shows by their continual support of them. The priority has always been on the angler instead of the bottom line, yet the rods keep coming out smarter and better.  For the past 20 years, TFO has been selling high-quality rods, and here’s to hoping they do it for 20 years more. The future anglers deserve it!

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