Anglers need options. That’s why we are proud to offer a variety of tippett that will help bring your fly fishing experience to the next level with a range of strength, sizes, lengths, and materials. Since tippet is attached to the end of the leader to which you tie your fly, it must be strong, flexible, and reliable. Your leader and tippet is one of the most important pieces of your fly fishing setup because it is the last line of defense between hooking that beautiful fish of your dreams and having your knot break at the last minute.
Give yourself a bit of breathing room without the risk of running out with the Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet with 100 Meter Guide Spool. This stuff will last you all season while offering low visibility and providing excellent knot strength. This tippet features material that is 35% stronger than the previous material, with the highest wet knot strength in the industry. It is available in sizes 7x - 0x, so you are sure to find the perfect fir for you. With a hard, abrasion resistant outside and soft core, this stuff will get the job done right. This tippett is also available in freshwater, so you’ll have exactly what you need for all conditions and water types.

Abrasion resistance is extremely important in tippett, and there’s no better example than the Hard Mono AR Tippet by Scientific Anglers. If you’re fishing fish that run and hide behind coral heads, mangrove roots, or log jams, this stuff will handle the worst of it. With a patented cutter spool design and polymer that is highly abrasion resistant, you’ll put a stop to those hucksters and land more fish without all the fuss.

Aventuron is proud to offer a variety of tippet to help outfit all fly fishing enthusiasts with the tools they need for all angling types and target species. If you’re looking to get the job done right, look no further than these products! You deserve the highest quality tippett available, and we are certain that you’ll find them all here.

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