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Intense Cycles

As a company, Intense has never shied away from making a scene... they don't scare easily. Jumping off the edge when it would be much easier to stay home, and stay put. But that's not who they are. They are loud, brash and sometimes even obnoxious. But they are never boring.


At Intense, it all starts with the frame. Since 1993, Intense has used racing to help develop the geometry, suspension, and look of each of their mountain bikes. Whether you are seeking a downhill monster like the M29, or an XC specialist like the Sniper, Intense has you covered.


Whether you are new to mountain biking or just looking for a quality frame with a great trail ready component package, Intense's 951 Series of complete bikes are waiting for you. The aim of the 951 Series is simple, to allow riders to experience the love of mountain biking and get more riders outside and in nature enjoying the benefits that the sport can bring. We look forward to welcoming you into the INTENSE family, where you can enjoy a taste of the Southern California lifestyle, wherever you may be.

What's New at Intense Cycles

  • Serious Gravel Performance

    The INTENSE 951 Gravel bike inspires confidence by using geometry optimized for stability and control. On loose and unpredictable terrain, the longer wheelbase and more relaxed frame geometry improve stability at higher speeds and on steeper ground. Our shorter stem paired with flared handlebars allows for excellent control and handling in all riding conditions.

  • Climb Faster, Ride Further

    The Tazer is all about getting out there and enjoying the mountain bike experience. It is playful and fun... it will have you grinning from ear to ear. You will climb faster, ride further and do more of the 'good stuff'. The Tazer will give you new opportunities, allowing you to ride almost anywhere. We honestly believe that the Tazer will change your riding... forever.

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