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Kids' Bikes

Are you searching for your child’s first bike? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for the next step in your child’s bike riding evolution? No matter what you’re after, we have the perfect bikes to suit you and your child’s needs here at Aventuron. Explore our selection of city bikes, hybrid bikes, and balance bikes created specifically with kiddos in mind. Children of all ages can get started on their cycling journey with these awesome bikes from famous bicycle brands like Diamondback, Raleigh, Salsa Cycles, Strider, Cleary Bikes, and more!

For those parents who are just starting on their children’s cycling journey, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure that biking is a positive experience for everybody. We took these tips straight out of Strider’s Learn to Ride Guide, an excellent place to start for all parents who are looking to teach their kids how to ride a bike. A great piece of advice when it comes to teaching kids about cycling is to be a cheerleader instead of a coach. Be sure to praise your child for whatever amount of time they spend on a bike, and this will make them see riding a bike as an overall positive thing. This will keep them coming back for more! In addition to this, we also recommend letting your kiddo set the pace. Taking it easy and being aware of your child’s pace will keep them from feeling overwhelmed or rushed. The last piece of advice is to support the child, not the bike. Supporting the child will allow them to feel the bike tipping sideways, and this is essential in learning how to keep a bike upright. With this level of understanding, your child will become more confident on a bike more quickly.

Do you have questions about these kids bikes? Are you not quite sure where to start? Feel free to contact us, as we are more than happy to help! We are also happy to remind you that all orders over $100 include FREE SHIPPING, including kid’s bikes!

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