New 2019 TenPoint Crossbows

2019 has been an game-changing year for TenPoint Crossbows. This well known brand has taken their already legendary crossbows to the next level with all new redesigns and improvements. Tenpoint has been crafting and manufacturing high quality crossbows for over 25 years, with each model bringing even more to the table than the previous ones. When it comes to speed, performance, quality, accuracy, durability, and value - it doesn’t get much better than this.

Tenpoint blessed the world of crossbow hunting with their complete makeover of their all time best selling model, the Titan. The brand new Titan M1 is narrower, faster, and more accurate than its legendary predecessor, making it the perfect machine to deliver lethal accuracy shot after shot. This model offers incredible value with or without the record breaking, innovative ACUdraw cocking device. We recommend the Titan M1 for every crossbow hunter because it is one of the the best values on the crossbow market, if not the very best.

We are so excited to offer the brand new Nitro XRT, fueled by RX7 cams and the famous Vector Quad 4 cable system that is built to generate unprecedented power and unbelievable accuracy. This smooth shooting bow shoots effortlessly and accurately every time, and each machine is built to last. If you’re looking for something smaller and more lightweight, consider the all new Turbo model. This incredible tool is powered by VX 5 inverted cams that help to elongate the power stroke while increasing rotation. The result? Devastating speeds and pin point down range accuracy. What more could you want from a bow?

If there’s something you’re missing with your current bow, you should consider taking a look at this collection. It’s time to rise above the competition and elevate your hunting to the next level with these all new 2019 models from Tenpoint Crossbows.

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