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TenPoint Nitro XRT

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Cemented at the top of the food chain, the Nitro XRT is fueled by RX7 cams™ and Tenpoint’s Vector Quad™ 4 cable system that generate unprecedented power and nock-breaking accuracy. Its center-mounted riser eliminates the “nose-heavy” feel of traditional crossbows and produces the smoothest shot on the market. The Nitro XRT is 3 times quieter than competing models thanks to its elongated power stroke, which generates more speed with less effort, providing a smoother shot with less vibration than its competitors. Effortlessly draw the crossbow with the silent ACUdraw PRO and become a sniper in the woods with the EVO-X Marksman Scope. 

The ACUdraw PRO device is fully integrated into the stock. Its internal gear system silently cocks the crossbow with only 9 pounds of force, reducing the number of cranks needed and working 43% faster than previous ACUDraw models. Its industry leading speed of up to 470 feet per second generates a 25% flatter arrow trajectory and unprecedented knock-down power of up to 191 foot pounds of kinetic energy.

The EVO-X Marksman Scope is waterproof and fog-proof, with a variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 330 and 450 feet per second. This is the most accurate crossbow scope on the market, so it’s only appropriate that it comes fully equipped on the Nitro XRT.

The top-of-the-line Nitro XRT is assembled with a lightweight CNC machined 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum riser that features TenPoint’s Tri-Lock pocket system, which provides perfect alignment between the pocket and limbs for increased shooting accuracy. It has a built-in dovetail bubble level that ensures the crossbow is perfectly level for accuracy and precision even at long distances. It also features TenPoint’s newest and smoothest T5 trigger with auto-engaging safety and Dry Fire Inhibitor (DFI). Its string latch design reduces friction delivering a clean, crisp and consistent break shot after shot. To top it off, the Nitro XRT can be custom fit for perfect eye-alignment with the 3-position cheek piece, and the pull length can be matched with the 2-position butt plate. All TenPoint crossbows are made and hand assembled in the United States.

Package Includes:

  • Optics: EVO-X Marksman Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount
  • Cocking Device: ACUdraw PRO cocking device
  • Quiver: 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver; ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket
  • Arrows: Six Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • Noise Dampening: Integrated String Stop System
  • Hard Case: TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case
  • Sling: TenPoint Neoprene Sling


Length 30.7"
Width - Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 12.5" / 7"
Power Stroke 16.5"
Weight in lbs.(w/o accessories) 7.4
Draw Weight in lbs. 225 LBS.


Pro Lite Arrow (370 grain) 470 FPS / 182 FP KE
Pro Elite Arrow (425-grain) 450 FPS / 191 FP KE
EVO-X CenterPunch (445-grain) 440 FPS / 191 FP KE

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