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Roof Top Tents

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Car camping. It’s not just an activity, it’s a lifestyle. Everybody remembers their first camping trip where somebody had a roof top tent. If you were dealing with nasty weather or if you were just trying to shield yourself from the sun, the camper with the roof top tent always becomes the hero of the campsite. Here at Aventuron, we love roof top tents. We love them for so many reasons, from their versatility to their durability. Roof top tents usually assemble in just seconds, allowing you more time around the campfire and less time messing with your tent poles.

Roof top tents, also known as simply RTT, are becoming more and more popular every day. These convenient setups are irresistible to overlanders and adventure seekers of all ages and experience levels. Instantly deploy these tents to provide additional shelter and security to any campsite. Just unfold and you’re ready to go! There’s tons of benefits associated with roof top tenting. Not only do these tents provide an excellent vantage point, they also help prevent bugs entering your tent since they are higher off the ground. Grounded tents can be flooded, visited by a large animal, and they can also be super difficult to set up. Avoid all of this with a user friendly roof top tent.

If you always choose the top bunk on any bunk bed, you’re gonna love these roof top tents. Spend more time hiking, fishing, or do whatever else you love to do and spend less time setting up your tent with these roof top tents. Forget poles and hammering stakes into the ground to prevent your home from blowing away. Forget unwanted bugs and predatory beasts sniffing you out. No matter your age or experience level, these roof top tents are sure to get your blood pumping!

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