ARB Skid Plates for Toyota Tacoma (2005+)

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If you’re planning on doing any off roading in the near future, a good set of skid plates is an absolute MUST. Don’t even think about serious off roading without skid plates. ARB Under Vehicle Protection panels are designed to give the protection your car needs to safely get off road and onto your next adventure. The ARB Skid Plates for Toyota Tacoma (2005+) provide the defense and protection to your vital underbody components including steering, engine oil pan, transmission and transfer case.

Our skid plates are made from an abrasion-resistant material and designed to be attached to the underside of your vehicle to help prevent damage to the underside when it touches the ground. Each set of our ARB Skid Plates for Toyota Tacoma (2005+) is crafted from laser cut, press formed and folded 3mm sheet steel. This material is used in ARB UVP to provide superior strength and protect vulnerable under vehicle components. The ARB UVP for the Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 generation and 2016+ generation consist of four carefully designed panels. The front, engine, transmission, and transfer case panels bolt directly to the chassis and cross members to provide continuous under vehicle protection from front bar to the transfer case.

Each UVP panel includes a return edge to add strength to the 3mm panel. The panels are zinc plated and powder coated in a silver textured finish. Recessed mounting bolts are protected and easy to remove for servicing.

We highly recommend purchasing and installing the ARB Skid Plates for Toyota Tacoma (2005+) if you’ve got plans or dreams of off roading anytime soon. Best of all, we offer FREE SHIPPING on the ARB Skid Plates for Toyota Tacoma (2005+), so you can get out and into the wilderness for the best price possible. It’s time to see what the outdoors have in store for you. Get off road safely and effortlessly today!