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R.L. Winston Rod Co.

Since 1929, R.L. Winston Rod Co. has been the world’s leading fly rod manufacturer using boron and graphite composites. With more than eighty years of company history behind the development of each rod, the quality and performance delivered by them should be no surprise. The boron reels perfectly blend the incredible feel that you’d expect from Winston rods with boron technology to produce a modern light line series. This medium fast action rod is lively and responsive while remaining delicate and accurate. This lightweight rod has excellent touch, feel, and control, making them ideal for small stream enthusiasts as well as anglers using light tippets for big fish. This rod is also perfect for anglers who enjoy stalking big fish with small flies. This rod truly sets a new standard in what’s expected from a light line series.

The word “awesome” is commonly used to describe the Boron III, a series that may possible be the finest fly rods ever made. The R.L. Winston Rod Co. is willing to make this claim because these all purpose rods will easily match any conditions while remaining powerful, lively, and capable of generating incredible line speed. These lightweight reels have become to go-to rod for both professional guides and avid anglers, and for a reason. It’s the best!

If you’re looking for something more hardcore, the SX is the perfect rod for you. This one was designed to handle saltwater, big flies, big fish, and hard wind. These rods do great when casted directly into the wind or when throwing bulky flies. When it comes to a condition resistant rod, this one is unmatched. If Boron isn’t for you, consider bamboo. R.L. Winston Rod Co. is known for making some of the finest bamboo fly rods in the world. These rods produce well controlled loops and effortless casts to perfectly place a fly every time. A R.L. Winston Rod Co. bamboo rod is the ultimate work of craftsmanship, and is delivered with two tips to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

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