Simms is an American-made company that is proud to offer high quality fly fishing accessories for anglers of all ages and experience levels. Both experienced guides and kids taking their first cast from the family dock can appreciate the variety of tools, clothing, and accessories offered by the experienced team over at Simms at great prices.

Since 1980, Simms has been committed to providing high quality equipment at the lowest prices possible in order to break the barriers between the world’s waters and those who hear their call. The team at Simms understands the incredible power that fishing has to unite people, develop character, and relieve everyday stress, and they want to spread these effects to as many folks as possible.

This company was founded and developed by a visionary angler and longtimer river guide John Simms, a fisherman who spent decades providing clients and customers with life changing experiences on the world’s rivers. One of his main goals was to create a new generation of fishing waders that would help anglers get out on the water sooner and stay out later in a variety of conditions. By the late 1980s, John’s waders were recognized as some of the most high quality, rugged and dependable waders available.

Today, Simms is the sole fishing wader manufacturer in the USA and they are recognized as aglobal leader in the fishing industry that employs more than 180 folks at its Bozeman headquarters. Each of their products showcases John Simm’s unwavering commitment to high quality, U.S. based manufacturing. Here at Aventuron, we are proud to offer a collection of Simms brand accessories and tools to help outfit anglers of all ages and experience levels with the best equipment to make every trip out on the water as productive and enjoyable as possible. 

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