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Spinners - every angler has heard of them, and many have seen them, but not every angler knows how to use them, when to use them, or how to take advantage of the benefits that they provide. But you’ve come to the right place, for both learning about spinners and stocking up on the best ones. Mayflies perfectly encompass beauty and delicacy - between their mating dances and aerial drops, these creatures will always have your trout’s attention. Regardless of water type or weather conditions, the prime mayfly time won’t last forever, so when it comes, be sure you have some spinners in your fly box, and you’ll get their attention, too.

Spinners have been around for hundreds of years to help anglers sneak up on fish, mimick flies, and minimize tippet diameter. The term “spinner” is the commonly used name for the 4th and final life cycle stage of the mayfly. The other life cycle stages are the egg, nymph, and dun. Spinners are important because they land on the water in great numbers, and they are just irresistible to trout during this time. Each spinner can lay somewhere between 500-5,000 eggs, depending on the species. After all of their eggs are released, the females die with their wings stretched out flat, and fall onto the surface of the water. The so called “spinner falls” can occur at various times of the day depending on weather and species, so you should always be prepared with a few spinners in your fly box.

Stock up on some high quality spinners today at Aventuron. If you have any questions about the spinners that we offer or how to use them, contact our team any time. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these awesome flies. If you’re an angler who thinks you’re prepared for everything - make sure you have some spinners, too!