Surly Frames & Surly Framesets

Surly is a team of like-minded individuals who love bikes and don’t take themselves too seriously. This multifaceted company is brought together by a singular common interest: biking. Surly’s mountain bike frames and road frames and framesets are setting the standard among the bicycle community, and their company is working every day to create new and innovative ways of creating the best bike frames possible. Here at Aventuron, we are proud to offer Surly frames and framesets to our customers who are after some serious value.

When it comes to frames, Surly is all about steel. Steel is the ideal material for people who are serious about their bikes performing and lasting. Their ‘Natch!’ tube sets are designed by professional engineers to match the intended use and loading characteristics of each individual model. The famous comfort and compliance associated with Surly comes from size specific tube sets, custom butting profiles, proprietary forks, and numerous specified design details. All of these features combine to create a bike that will blow any competition out of the water.

One of our favorite framesets from Surly is their Big Fat Dummy Frameset - a long tail cargo frameset designed around big tires to create the most stable, stiff, and traction laden ride possible. This frame will comfortably ride fully loaded on a varied terrain. All Big Fat Dummy framesets ship with a Dummy deck, rails, bags, and Dummy Rail Collars. With clearance for 26 x 5.25" - 29 x 3.0" tires, you’ll get where you need to go, guaranteed.

Surly is all about making serious bikes for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. This company takes pride in “cutting through the BS” by creating great products at great prices, nothing more and nothing less. If you’re looking for a solid frame without anything unnecessary - look no further than Surly. Once you give these a try, you’ll never look back.

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