Surly Road Frames & Framesets

For serious road riders who don’t take themselves too seriously, Surly is the perfect match. Surly designs hardcore steel road bike frames made from 100% proprietary 4130 CroMoly, each one engineered the match the unique characteristics of each bike. This no-frills company takes pride in creating great bikes and frame sets that will impress even the most seasoned rider. If you’re looking for a great road bike frame with no extra “BS,” look no further than Surly’s. We are proud and excited to offer these great products here at Aventuron because we believe in providing great products at great prices, and Surly manages to do just that.

Depending on the size, each model has a custom tubeset scaled to preserve it’s optimum butting profiles. Surly also makes it a point to create model specific proprietary forks for the best performance possible. Together, these features create that characteristic comfort and compliance that Surly fans have come to love and expect over the years. Add to this foundation of proprietary tubing assortment of custom dropouts, fittings, and castings, and you’ve got yourself a true winner.

For those looking to get a variety of uses out of their bike, you’ll love the Surly Troll Frameset. The Troll is designed to be used as a mountain bike, cruiser, commuter, or touring rig. This multifaceted piece of machinery can be used with different tires and handlebars to create a customized ride to suit your individual needs and style.

Surly believes that the frame is the most important part of the bike - and we agree. Customized design details and frame features are key to create a foundation that Surly riders can customize to make it their own. If you believe in the importance of utility, versatility, and durability, you’ll appreciate everything that goes into these road frames and frame sets.

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