Thomas & Thomas

After nearly a half century of evolution in the fly fishing industry, Thomas & Thomas has created innovative designs that have impressed top anglers all over the world. This company was established in 1969 by legendary rod builders Tom Dorsey and Tom Maxwell, and the company ownership evolved over time but the fundamental beliefs, values, and morals stayed the same. This is what has kept Thomas & Thomas an unrivaled top dog in the fly fishing community. The Thomas & Thomas brand is all about the relentless pursuit of innovation, superior quality, and uncompromising performance in the worlds finest handcrafted fly rods.

Today, the newly designed Thomas & Thomas Fly rods combine uncompromising beauty and the performance you’d expect from a Thomas & Thomas rod both in your hand and on the water. The simple values that the family at Thomas & Thomas live by every day have helped shape the innovative and high quality rods that you’ll find on this page today. Not only do we guarantee the highest quality in your rod, but we are also proud that each rod produced by Thomas & Thomas is 100% American Made.

Each rod is carefully constructed by a group of skilled rod building artisans in Greenfield, MA. From the raw material prep to the final layer of varnish, each step is performed by a specialist with years of experience in this detailed craft in house. Between premium graphite options, proprietary bonding agents, the ferrule reinforcement process (FRP), optimal blank curing, and low friction finish, you can know for sure that your rod has been crafted with the highest standards of performance and value. Thomas & Thomas offers a lifetime warranty on its rods because they believe in them. That way, you can feel confident in secure in your purchase of these rods because they are literally designed to last a lifetime, and this company takes that seriously.

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