TFO NXT Black Label Kits (Rod, Spooled Reel + Case)

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TFO NXT Black Label Kit is an excellent value for the price, providing a reliable and comprehensive fly fishing setup for beginners.

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As the gold standard for fly-fishing instruction programs in the U.S., TFO NXT Black Label series is designed to provide a simple and economical way for anglers to fly-fish. This outfit boasts the greatest performance-to-price ratio of any comparable product on the market and is backed by an unbeatable lifetime guarantee. The NXT Black Label Kit, comprised of rod, reel, and carrying case, is the perfect gift for the beginning angler or a reliable back-up for the experienced fisher.


The TFO Pro II medium-fast blanks comprise the foundation of the NXT Black Label, providing ample forgiveness for delicate presentations and buffer for light leaders while loading effortlessly to enable casting into the wind. Built with robustness in mind, these fly fishing kits feature a matte black finish with half wells (5-weight) and full wells (8-weight) grips made of reconstituted cork. Additionally, aluminum oxide stripping guides, chromium-impregnated stainless-steel snake guides, and an anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat make this series ideal for pursuing fish in fresh and saltwater.


The NXT Black Label series includes a lightweight, cast aluminum NXT BLK II (5-weight) or III (8-weight) reel with an alternating disc drag system made of stainless steel. Each reel is pre-loaded with 20-pound Dacron backing, a floating line with welded front loop and looped leader. To ensure a smooth delivery, the 80-foot fly line size is increased by one line size. Each kit comes with a cordura rod and reel travel case for convenience.


This collection of rods is equipped with an OEM weight-forward floating line featuring a 30-foot head, as well as approximately 50-75 yards of Dacron backing to a maximum length of 80 feet. The 5wt and 8wt rods come with 3x and 1x leaders, respectively.

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