For more than 80 years, people have known ZARGES for creating innovative and affordable products with transportation and protection in mind. ZARGES is also the first light metal construction company in Europe to operate internationally, with over 800 employees across Europe. Since their creation, ZARGES has continued offering products that set new standards in safety, ergonomics, and durability. These products combine the many benefits of aluminum, such as the metal’s nature high stability and low weight along with superior corrosion resistance and flexibility. ZARGES has harnessed the power of aluminum to create superior products, and we are excited to offer these products to our clients and customers here at Aventuron.

We highly recommend the ZARGES K470 Heavy Duty Cases for keeping your belongings safe and secure. These aluminum shipping and storage cases help provided the ideal protection for your belongings, and they will perform even under the most extreme conditions. These cases are ATA 300 approved, and they are lightweight and easy to move while remaining incredibly durable, rugged, and resistant to both dust and water. Each case comes complete with cast aluminum stacking corners and a high level of stability due to three fully welded aluminum profile frames. With over two dozen size options, you are sure to find the perfect k470 Heavy Duty Case to fit your needs.

We understand that your belongings are important, and we want to help you keep them safe. When it comes to protection, you can trust ZARGES. The storage solutions offered here at Aventuron are sure to protect your most valuable belongings, and we stand by these products because they are heavy duty while remaining lightweight and user friendly. There’s a reason we use these cases ourselves! If you have any questions about the ZARGES products that we offer here at Aventuron, feel free to contact us!

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