Amber Leach Bio

Amber was born and raised in West Virginia, in the home of parents who were avid hunters and anglers. Her father owned a deer processing business where she was charged with salting hides in the winter for chore money, exposing her very early to the world of hunting. It was also common to spend Saturdays as a family skinning squirrels for stew (that she never learned to love), watching her dad work his magic as he reloaded ammo, chasing trout in a mountain stream or scouting the woods for prime opportunities.

Her mother, who was a prolific writer, taught her the beauty of written words, the value of storytelling and the importance of giving back. At the time, Amber had no way of knowing what a gift her parents were giving her. Being raised in the outdoors has deeply rooted in her the importance of preserving our public lands and waters for future generations and she loves to use her own words to share that passion with others.

Amber is a proud mom, an avid fly-fisher, a first-generation conservationist, a writer and a self-proclaimed nerd. After finishing graduate school, she relocated to The Bluegrass State, where she spent 15 years putting down everlasting roots. But, these days, you can find her chasing trout in Colorado where she now lives with her two children and her dog, Remi.

A little-known fact about Amber is that she’s a beekeeper and runs her own honeybee farm.

You can follow her adventures on INSTAGRAM @amberleachky.