Anton Pohl Bio & Interview

Anton in the wild

Affectionately dubbed “The Professor” for the depth of his knowledge and passion for the outdoor industry, Anton fell in love with fly-fishing at a young age. It was in college that he helped bring to fruition a chapter of Trout Unlimited’s Costa 5 Rivers Program. The spark that got that ball rolling also ignited his desire to learn all that he could about the great outdoors, and he spent many subsequent years becoming self-taught in arenas such as hiking, hunting and camping. Unbeknownst to him, his efforts at fashioning himself into such a well-rounded outdoorsman were setting the stage to launch a career that most would envy. Fast forward just a few years and he landed his ‘dream job’ as Aventuron’s very first employee.

Anton’s encouraging spirit, can-do attitude and his willingness to embrace teamwork and collaboration have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers across all age ranges and areas of interest. He is quite possibly the new and improved version of a Renaissance Man.

A little-known fact about Anton is that he’s a third generation rockhound. Both his father and his grandfather have had fossils named after them!!

Get to know “The Professor” a little bit better here.

1.  What would you like for folks to know about you?

I’m an engineer by degree and engineering physics would have been my niche had I continued to pursue that career path. I was born with a naturally inquisitive mind and I’ve always loved to get my hands dirty trouble-shooting problems and fixing things that were broken. I think that helps me in my everyday life.

I love encouraging folks to do things for the first time. Once you get into a hobby, I know you tend to immerse yourself, but I want folks to know that they never have to close the door on other hobbies or interests. Try fly fishing on your own or go with a buddy. Go camping. Go hiking. There are so many cool things available to folks that revolve around Mother Nature and, if it’s something that you can do outside, sign me up! Even if I’ve never tried it before!

I enjoy taking raw material and making something from nothing, kinda like the bikes I get to build from the frame up. Manufacturing is neat, especially when it's custom. 

Ultimately, I want folks to know that I’m always learning...that's the spice of life. Anyone can ask me anything, related to bikes, fly-fishing or whatever. I’ll give you an honest answer or find you one if I don’t know it.

2.  How did you get to Aventuron?

After college, I took my first engineering job and quickly realized that it’s not all rainbows and flowers. I was a little disenchanted with my ‘work,’ to say the least and then I randomly walked into Aventuron one day. Seeing all the products on display, it suddenly hit me that these are all things I’ve worked with, whether it be overlanding or fly-fishing. Everything just seemed to come together for me in those moments. When they offered me a job, I jumped at the chance. Now I work for the best boss-couple in the country!! It’s been a whirlwind and I’m so excited to be here and see things evolve.

3.  What do you think makes you different from, say, someone else in your same role?

Having an engineering degree, I can see things in a totally different light than most folks. It's a common trend to short-cut your way into a hobby, just like I used to. When I started fly-fishing, I’d use nail clippers instead of the more expensive nippers because I figured they’d do the exact same thing. I made my own net release and lots of zingers. I built bikes for myself and my friends, just to get us into the hobby without breaking the bank. All of which is great…temporarily. The things I was making, saved me money and got me to my end goal. But now I understand and appreciate the engineering complexity and value of all those things. Every single product in the outdoor industry, with a few exceptions, are high-tech. It’s one of those things that I now love helping folks to understand. I’m still involved in engineering in a way, but it’s far more fun.

Now, when a customer calls the shop, I’m able to engage them in a meaningful conversation about products that I genuinely know and use, inside and out. I’m able to help them make purchase decisions that are best for them. I understand their path because many aspects of the outdoor industry are things that have been self-taught, things on which I’ve taken my own initiative to learn from day one. I think that’s what sets me apart and that makes it so much fun for me to come to work. 

4.  What do you love most about working for Aventuron?

If it weren’t for Kate and Carl, none of this would be possible, so I want the world to know how great they are. We’re such a close-knit group here and that's what sets us apart from the rest. Some of us have been lucky enough to have known each other for years and we’re so fortunate to have that in a work environment.  It’s so cool to have so many outdoor-focused business aspects come together, to have the opportunity to work with so many neat companies.

Some days, I answer tons of phone calls and help folks place orders… Other days, I trouble-shoot all day long or spend most of my time building high-end, customized bikes. No matter what I’m doing, it’s a sublime feeling to help so many people, to help keep the industry going and to connect so many like-minded individuals.

It’s neat to have folks come to us when they’re looking for a specialty product - a decked out overlanding setup, a unique switch rod, or even an electronically-drawing crossbow. It’s such a blessing to be in these tight knit industries and help customers across the country with awesome product. It’s such an overall enthralling and satisfying experience.

5.  What are some of your favorite products that Aventuron sells?

One of my favorite products is called FORJ TAPE.

It’s a thermoplastic ribbon, a malleable tape that turns hard at room temperature, but it becomes pliable if you heat it up. You can use it for so many cool things and it really does traverse many arenas in terms of its utility. I guess it reveals the engineer in me, huh?

RUGID COOLERS are neat. They’re made right here in Wisconsin and we love to support ‘shopping local.’

We now carry MEMPHIS GRILLS, which is a pellet-fed smoker. We’ve been having smoked meals every day since the day we bought one. It’s a life changer. It’s hard to go back to a regular grill after trying these. They’re Wi-Fi enabled so you can monitor things from the house or shop. It’s a game changer.

We’re currently updating our website daily with new product offerings that crossover multiple industries - from all-purpose VOILE STRAPS to ridiculously strong EPICUREAN cutting boards.

Class is ALWAYS in session with ‘The Professor.’

Give me a shout at 888-703-9756 ext. 702 to make an appointment today!