Dan's Interview

Wisconsin born and raised, Dan is described by his colleagues as diverse, well-rounded and cheeky. Aventuron's resident “strong guy” has big dreams for himself and Aventuron, and his passion for helping other people is paralleled by his thirst for knowledge. There’s not much Dan can’t do!

A little-known fact about Dan is that his favorite genre is metal!

1.  How did you make your way to Aventuron?

"Anton, Nick and I graduated in the same class - we were also best friends in high school. I knew that Anton and Nick had left other jobs to come work at Aventuron. I was intrigued, but skeptical about what could be so good about this little bike shop I'd never heard about before. I reached out to them to see if they needed help at the end of last summer, and it's been a blast ever since!"

'When you're spending everyday with your friends at a job that's genuinely fun, "going to work" in the morning doesn't really feel like work at all. And that's not to mention that Carl and Kate are the most chill bosses on the face of the planet as well. I'm just glad to be part of it!"

2.  There are so many facets to the outdoor industry, what’s your specialty or passion?

"I have to be honest - I'm no fisherman. I tried it as a kid, but it never quite landed my interest. Archery is neat, but I haven't taken a shot at it in years. If you need any fly fishing or archery-related expertise, my friend Anton would be ecstatic to help you out!"

"My outdoor interests are mainly hiking, swimming, and cross country skiing. I'm always looking forward to those crisp winter days when the conditions are perfect for a ski through the woods. But during the summer, you can find me in the pool or in the lake! Let me know if there's anything related to water sports I can help you with!"

3. Tell me a little bit about your new role.

"I’m the Purchasing Manager, so my primary focus is working directly with vendors, processing orders, customer communications... stuff like that. We all wear many hats here, so my role isn't limited to just digital work - there's also the receipt of product, shipping, marketing, and so much more! "

4.  What surprised you the most about coming to work for Aventuron?

"Just about everything, honestly. I was under the impression Aventuron was just a small, local bike shop. I was very wrong. With only a small crew of about 15 people, we have a nationwide reach. We carry some of the best brands in the world of outdoor gear, such as The North Face and Patagonia, and offer products spanning from high-end grills, to fly-fishing rods and premium bicycles."

"The vibes here are the best. Everyone knows what has to be done, what their roles are, and how to work together efficiently. Every day is fun, and there's always something different to do. We come in everyday ready to get things done and to have a blast while we're doing it, and that's how we roll."

5.  If you had to describe for others the thing that makes you different, what would you say?

"You can’t teach someone passion. The people that work here don’t just know about these subject areas because they've read about them - we live them. In our free time, we're out doing the things that we sell products for. You can find us on bike trails, up in a treestand, or happily off the beaten path enjoying all that nature has to offer. These are things we live and love. You can’t replace the kind of connection you get with someone who cares about what they’re doing. No amount of time spent doing or researching something, whether it’s a year or a decade, can bring you the same connection as passion. I think that’s what makes me, and everyone here, stand out from the competition."

6.  What do you think drives you?

"A 2004 Buick Lesabre. It gets a lot of envious looks from the older folks around town *joking*."

"Being here at Aventuron, there are so many opportunities that you could expand your knowledge for years and still not know it all. There are endless ways to challenge yourself, and that's a beautiful thing to me. There’s no guidebook to what we’re doing here and that’s super exciting."

7.  What are some things you’d like to accomplish in the next few years?

"I’m fortunate enough to have the time and opportunity to be refocusing on hobbies like mountain biking and archery. I've always enjoyed learning new things, so I'm excited to push myself to continue expanding my knowledge in the coming years in any way I can."

Not many folks are equally adept at tickling your funny bone and building something from nothing! But DAN CAN! We can’t wait to see what he gets up to next!