Evergreen Park & Quarry Trail System Funding

Making a contribution to Sheboygan as SomeplaceBetter!

Through contacts made by Carl and Kathryn Martens  (Aventuron owners), the City of Sheboygan was presented with a proposal by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) for Planning and Design Phase of construction of a Bicycle Trail System and Bike Park in Evergreen Park and Quarry in Sheboygan.

City staff; David Biebel, Director of Public Works and Joe Kerlin, Superintendent of Parks and Forestry indicated interest in pursuing the possibility of enhancing the Evergreen Park and Quarry trail system. As well, Mayor Mike Vandersteen has expressed his interest in this project.  Carl was encouraged to evaluate community support.

A presentation was made at the most recent SOUP (Support Our Urban Projects)  crowd-funding dinner in Sheboygan.  Approximately 200 residents of the community in attendance at the event heard proposals from five different opportunities. The proposal given by Carl Martens for funding of a Planning and Design Phase of construction of a Bicycle Trail System and Bike Park creation in Evergreen Park and Quarry received first choice vote at this crowd-funding event. The community gathered that evening chipped-in $910 toward the total funding of $9,965 for the Planning and Design Phase.

Subsequently from the results of this event, the Marina, Parks and Forestry Commission of the Sheboygan Common Council met and expressed agreement to encourage the raising of private monies to fund the Planning and Design Phase of construction.  On October 22, 2019 it was voted and approved unanimously that Carl & Kathryn Martens organize and secure the remaining funding needed from the community's residents and businesses. In effect, the statement is being made that, “if it is funded, the way will be paved for follow-through reality of construction”. 

Until an organizational identity can be established for this project, funds will be held and reserved with the help of the Jaycees. Initial funds received from the SOUP crowd-funding event have been deposited and are being held by the cooperation and assistance of The Friends of the Sheboygan Jaycees, Inc.

Letter of intent from The Friends of the Sheboygan Jaycees, Inc.

Checks should be written to "Friends of the Sheboygan Jaycees" and in the memo line write "IMBA study", mail to:

Friends of the Sheboygan Jaycees
PO Box 561
Sheboygan, WI 53082

Below are links to help understand and educate in efforts to raise funds to achieve this phase:

IMBA Trail Solutions

Evergreen & Quarry Trail Network Feasibility & Planning” – an informational presentation sheet giving benefits for Sheboygan. 

Economic Benefit Studies to highlight possibilities for Sheboygan

A project of this scope and professionalism coordinates well with  SomeplaceBetter.org and the activities of Sheboygan Regional Economic Development Corporation

Please contact Carl and Kathryn Martens with interest, questions, funding/donations, etc. at contact@aventuron.com