Make Sheboygan a Free-to-Park Downtown

Sheboygan has the opportunity to become a thriving, downtown area. All of the businesses on and around 8th Street play an important role in our community and should not be treated as a profit opportunity by the city. Charging business' employees and Sheboygan citizens to park in the city’s downtown streets is wrong and hurts local businesses. 

My wife and I are the owners of Carthyrn Company. We have several DBAs underneath its umbrella. One of these DBAs is Aventuron with a storefront located at 631 N 8th St. We rent this space. Our headquarters is located downtown at 801 N 8th St. and we own this building. We have made an investment in our community.

We presently employ 13 people and have a total of three working locations within the city of Sheboygan and are actively seeking another larger retail and warehouse space to support our operation. In order for our employees to park anywhere close to our buildings they must pay for the meters or pay for a parking pass. That is wrong.

Like any business, we want our customers to be able to come in and have a great experience and to be able to encourage them to spend some time downtown and check out other local businesses. Too often, customers, vendors, delivery companies and employees raise complaints about the ridiculous ticket they got from their meter running out or being parked in a lot for too long..up to $25 every time! This is a huge deterrent for customers looking to spend time downtown and a burden on employees of downtown businesses. 

I moved here from a Chicago suburb that is thriving without parking meters. They are not a necessary part of a downtown area. They are a way for the city to squeeze money out of the businesses and patrons that hold them up. 

I want Sheboygan to thrive. I believe in Sheboygan. It is why our business and our family will never stop donating our time and money (over $20k just in the last two years) to help make this #someplacebetter. I want people to be able to come downtown, park their car, go out to eat, and spend a day walking our downtown, and shopping local businesses. Not being forced to waste their money on paid parking and tickets. 

We need change. We need Sheboygan to thrive. Residents, businesses, and visitors would all benefit from a free-to-park downtown. 

If you're a local business and want to take part, contact us and we'll help getting you a poster to put up at your establishment. Join with us and share your story/experience on your website regarding our parking situation with the URL ending in /HONK. 

- Carl H. Martens, CEO Carthryn Company